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    Is being stubborn a bad trait?

    Stubbornness is a trait when a person does not want to change his plan or decision. A stubborn person does not change his opinion or course of action despite the difficulty. He does not take the help of other's even if he needs it badly.

    Generally, people consider stubbornness as a bad trait. But I think all human beings shows stubbornness up to some extent at any time in their life. This trait is inherent i.e. people have it since birth. A small child becomes stubborn and does not want to share his toys or other things with other children or when a child saw a toy in the showroom or with any other child he becomes stubborn. But it is not limited to children only. Anyone anytime can show stubbornness.

    I think being stubborn is not bad. Because people may be stubborn in different ways. If a person is stubborn about a bad thing, then it can create problems for others. But if he is stubborn for any good cause then it will be good for others also. When you are stubborn to achieve a target and work hard for it then you can achieve it. Further, if you are flexible and do not affirm your plans/decisions easily then sometimes people can pressurize you to change your decision. In this case, it is better to be stubborn than to be flexible which can be fooled easily by anyone. Being stubborn a person can find his way and achieve his goal without the fear of others' voices. So, we can say that stubbornness is another form of firm determination which help a person to resolve a problem and complete a difficult task. And being neutrally selfish which help to achieve your goals and do not harm others is really not a bad trait. It is my say. What is your opinion?

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    In this world people have to accommodate with others and many times adjust with the circumstances and environment and then progress ahead in their lives. Being stubborn can help a few times but not always. When a person is in leading position or a commanding situation then people may accept his temper to some extent but for a normal person who has to get help and favours from others being stubborn would not be of any avail. Life is a very tough and complicated journey and here we have to do myriads of adjustments and compromises not only with other people but with our own family members and close relatives. I would not say that being stubborn is a bad trait but I will definitely make an opinion that one has to learn the art of adjusting with others and then only one will have a smooth ride.
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    Deifnelty it is not bad to be stubborn until your desire or aim is affecting some else or creating a problem for others. When our revolutionaries were showing their stubbornness for freedom of the country, did we consider it as a bad thing? No, absolutely not, when athletics give their level best with a stubborn to win and prove themselves top of the field, do we call it stubborn? There are many more examples where being stubborn is one of the most important factors to get success. Maximum people relate stubbornly with children only but actually, it has many different aspects of being stubborn.

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    Stubbornness is the natural phenomena of the human being and with the same, we all are affected at some points in our lives. This develops because of their overconfidence and they would not like to be defeated in their attempts. However to some extent, it is desirable and one should try one's best to perform the task with the full devotion. Even the child would not stop crying and they will show their stubbornness until they get their desired sweets. If there is the consistent effort with the stubbornness and ultimately one is successful, let there be the attitudes of stubbornness.

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    Stubbornness is considered to be a negative attitude which will make a wrong impression on people around an adamant person .
    Nowadays even kids have this kind of nature and they pester their parents to get them expensive items which is not a good trend.
    My view is an adamant person should try to change himself or herself so that he would be accepted as a friendly person who could help the people of the society in many wayd

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    A person should be stubborn where he/ she should be/. He/ she should be flexible if the situation demands. I have seen people who will never hear the views of others and go on with the way they think it is better. Eventhough we try to explain they are stubborn and they go ahead in the way they like. Sometimes such people may suffer a lot.
    At the same, I saw some people who will never decide and stick to that decision. They keep hearing others and go changing their plans in the middle and finally make a mess of the issue. This is also a bad trait.
    I feel we should be stubborn once we zero on the way we have to follow. Before fixing a route we can use our wisdom, hear what others say and finally decide on a path and be stubborn to follow that. This will give better results always.
    Hear the voice of others, take suggestions and take finally a decision and follow that without any deviation. This is the best way in my opinion.

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    I feel being stubborn is a very bad trait. Life is always open for new experience and new way of living and if one wants to continue with the old for which they are trained well we cannot adjust with them for sure. For example some small children are giving lots of trouble to their parents as they wont eat food that easily and the mother has to spend at least one or two hours showing all kinds of things around the house and by the time the baby start eating food by force, the item would have lost the sheen because food has to be taken when it is hot and bearable to taste. Likewise some children insists that they will sleep with the mother only no matter they are very well grown up now. All these are some of the bad traits and the stubborn attitude of the children in this regard are because of mother thanks to her over pampering.
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