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    Winning hearts of people on the internet through leftover food

    Recently, a video surfaced on the internet where one lady was seen distributing leftover food from her brother's marriage to poor people at a railway station.
    It was such a happy sight to see where these people were seen so happy in their rags getting such good food. The lady won over the internet with the utilisation of food and helping the needy. A commendable job to provide food to people in need.
    I guess we all should follow in her footsteps and do the same every time every time er have leftovers from lavish parties, marriages, festivals and some fancy ceremonies.
    This is such a good way to spread a message of positivity in the society.
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    During the pandemic in our village, one family daily used to cook food and serve daily a minimum of 25 poor people. It is not the leftover food but it is made only for the poor. People used to come and collect the food packet and go. They did this for almost 3 months and it has come in newspapers and WhatsApp also. Like this, there are many people who try to help the poor.
    Every year on my birthday I distribute food packets to a minimum of 5 people who will sit near the place of worship and beg. Like this, I have seen in Hyderabad many people distributing for to these beggars and more I see food distribution near places of worship.
    During the function and get together it is very common to have leftover food. Instead of throwing it out if we use it like this way at least some people will get food for that day at least. These days there are some agencies who will come and collect that food and arrange for the distribution to needy.

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    A very nice and thought provoking thread by the author. Giving the leftover food to the needy is a divine action. I came to know that in some of the star hotels where food is very costly and they don't keep the leftover food to be used next day there are arrangements to send all the leftover food in the night itself to some orphanage or some downtrodden people so that the food is utilised by the poor and needy in the night itself. I do not know how many hotels are following this but if the people follow this after the completion of some function or some dinner party or some get together or tea party then definitely it will be a noble thing to distribute the leftover food or snacks to the poor and needy.
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    It is really a good thought as told by the author. But is not maintainable in all times, as we have faced many times. Once after a Grihapravesam over in my cousin brother's house at Coimbatore and because of some reason many guests are not turned up. So, we decided to offer the food to the nearby senior citizen home and went with foods in separate containers. But they refused to accept as we would have told the day before itself. By seeing this, my wife, who came with us, spontaneously took decision and gave everything to the nearby construction people. Nearly more than thirty people enjoyed the food.
    Similarly on the way to our trip to Beas, we happened to wait at New Delhi Railway Station for the link train. We had two packets of chapatis with onion chutney (in a good condition) and my wife offered them to the old aged beggar who was on the platform where we were halted. That man got the chapatis in his hand and after moving about a yard, he threw them on the railway track. Casually my turned to him with a motto of offering a water bottle to him, saw this and worried much.

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    It is really a good gesture to provide food for the needy. In that way, at least we could get the blessing of the poverty stricken people. It is definitely better to commemorate some special occasions inviting these people including their children to get their best wishes so that their blessings will pave the ways for our progress and prosperity.
    We do have enough cooked materials sometimes and after the occasion is over, we have enough left over food to fend at least ten people and ultimately get their blessings. Unfortunately, sometimes by providing foods for such disadvantaged people, they are not satisfied but ask for some money to meet their personal expenses. Considering the purpose for which they will utilise their money, we can offer provided the demands are the rationals ones.

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    Very commendable job indeed. That lady must be appreciated for giving a thought by giving away the leftover food to those who are really hungry and living at the station. This is nothing but reaching out to those who really need. What normally people would have done is to dumb the same in the waste bin to be taken away by the civic van. The other day when I visited a vast dinner arranged as the reception of my friend son at a sprawling private bungalow, there was a mention at the gate that as soon as the function is over and the left over food is more, please call the NGO number so that they would come and collect the food to be served to the students being nurtured by them. That is also good thought. As many poor are not having access to good food and sumptuous food like of lavish marriage and this way we can make them happy.
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