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    Time to switch to other browsers if you are still using Internet Explorer

    If you are among those who still use Internet Explorer, shortly called IE, as their primary browser then it's time for you to look for other browsers as Microsoft has announced that Internet Explorer will retire on June 15th, 2022. What this means is the support for IE will be pulled off from all Microsoft applications, support will cease, and eventually it will be removed in future Windows OS versions. Microsoft has advised users of IE to switch to Edge which is their other browser launched in 2015. I am curious to see if any of the ISC members are still using IE and what makes them continue using it despite that we have got other browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, etc.,
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    I stopped using internet explorer long back. I generally use google chrome. Regularly, google chrome is being used by many people these days. Many people stopped using internet explorer. Many of my friends are using edge. But I have not started using the same. I am feeling comfortable with chrome and I continue using the same. My two sons are using Edge. It is good to switch over to Chrome or edge from explorer now. itself.
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    For that matter I have purchased the desk top on the year 2007 and for the initial days I used the IE and found that application does not have the auto correction of spell mistakes and thus shifted to Google. But when we talk about the Google, it has so many tantrums and logging is the main problems as we cannot switch accounts while on the work as it ask for syncing devices and there are so many disturbances while writing the content as so many ads disturb us for sure. So I chanced upon the Mozilla browser which is easy and with no tantrums like the other browser. By the way the users of IE would be very less across the globe and the Microsoft is not fetching the customers for their latest versions and thus without lack of support they are going to close the IE itself for sure. Never mind, we are already using the best browser since many days.
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