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    Do you agree that there is a vast difference between great money earning and being rich ?

    There are people around us who used to tell that once upon a time they were the most wealthiest people in the area and everyone used to respect and regard for having so much money earning. But what is the use of such wealth which is not put into best use of investment and re-investment so that the money grows on its own and play safe for the generation next. Having not recognized this fact and being lavish in spending they turned to be pauper and poor. Do you agree that there is a vast difference between great money earning and being rich ?

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    A person who gets money easily from their ancestors will never understand the value of money. They spend as they like and waste money. I have seen families which were rich turn to be poor within a span of a few years. If you sit and start spending money, it will dissolve in no time. If we invest the money wisely and spend only the interest we are getting, we can be happy throughout life and the original money can be handed over to the next generations. Some rich people who earned money on their own will understand the value of money and they try to use the money wisely and try to get more and more returns on that. That will make their money go on increasing. I know a person who started a small business with a small investment and earned a lot but never stopped his business and his next generation is also continuing the same business and making good money. Their family earned a name in that business and many people have confidence and use his product without any reservations.
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    Definitely. We can see the difference in their activities itself. The real rich person never shows his richness to others but the person possessing great money later will act differently and their eyes never come down on others.
    I never forget this incident though 53 years gone. Our grand father was planned to solemnize 'sacred thread wearing function' for me and my brother in 1969. A really rich landlord under whom my grand father working, offered his big vacant bungalow, rice bags freely the function. The function was over, my grand father took us to the Landlord for seeking blessings. He did and sat on a chair with his wife in one side of the bungalow. My grand father asked the Landlord for lunch in the first order. But the landlord refused by telling that it is a sacred function, let other seniors to take lunch and I will come in the second batch. We were all got trained at that time what is courtesy and though he is a rich person, offered major things for us without expecting anything but sitting with calm as of a common man.

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