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    Given a choice where would you like to live?

    The world is a big place. There are different geographical locations. Hills, plains, deserts, islands, sea-shores, jungles etc are there at different latitudes having different climates. Some places are prone to disasters like hurricanes and storms. At some other places land slides are prominent features. Some places it rains heavily while some are totaly arid. Some places are flooded every rainy season. Some places are very hot while some are terribly cold.
    Given a choice and option which type of place would you choose to live? Any preferences?

    This is my entry submitted on 30th December 2001 for forum post contest.
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    These days many people will not have that choice. They have to stay at the place where they have their assets or where they are getting a chance to earn their livelihood. Many people are leaving the greeny less polluted villages and going to cities as the chances of earning are more in those places. The condition in Hyderabad and the sane in a place just 80 km from Hyderabad will explain the difference. The population density is very high in Hyderabad and it is very less in a village which is about 75Km from Hyderabad.
    I have a liking to stay in a place where there is no pollution and no shortage of water. I want to stay in a house with trees around. But I settled in Hyderabad as I got my job in Hyderabad. I settled in Hyderabad. I purchased a house here and now I got accustomed to this environment. My sons are working here. So even though I want to shift to my native village I was forced to stay here only. Anyhow, I am still confident that I can shift to my native place which is a village with no pollution and greenery around.

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    Given the choice, I would choose the hilly areas as the destination to live and enjoy because I am the avid liker of nature and from the hill one can have the view of best nature from the top. And living in the hills have always a advantage that you get the pure oxygen due to height and we are above so many feet of sea level. A make shift house can be made on a big rock or a home be made on the tree in the suspended motion. In that case there cannot be threat from the wild animals and the hilly animals whose habitat can be disturbed and they may attack us. And why I will be happy because, no cell phone, no disturbance from others, no task, no targets, and ultimately the aim is to live happily and securely to fetch the available natural fruits and live with bare minimum and have total control over eating the junk food.
    K Mohan
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    Let me share my choice also and for me the ideal place will be a small town with the basic facilities where we need not to waste time on transportation and many small things and personal works can be managed on foot.
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