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    Is Covid-19 approaching towards endemic?

    Currently, the world is facing a Covid-19 pandemic. The majority of the countries are facing a new Covid wave nowadays. Some countries register as many as lacs of cases every day. Expert says that as the people are more infected, they get immune to the virus, and more the vaccine dose is administered, people get protection against disease. The new variant Omicron is spreading across the nations and creating new trouble for the world.

    If one look at the number of death registered per day decreases. Now, this Omicron virus is not much dangerous compared to its Delta variant but its infection rate is very faster. It is now more or less behaving like a normal virus. What do you think, Covid-19 is approaching towards endemic? Will it end in 2022 as per the WHO study or prediction? Still many waves are yet to be faced by the world in near future?

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    It is said that when an enemy approaches an ostrich then it digs a small hole in the sand and puts its head inside it thinking that enemy would not be seeing it. We are probably suffering from the same syndrome in regards to corona pandemic. This is a difficult situation and it is also a fact that any disease that spreads in a geometrical progression would eventually engulf the whole humanity and second wave or third wave or fourth wave or any number of such waves will be coming with respect to time until unless the drug for the virus is invented or it dies its own death in the lap of nature.
    Predictions are based on wishful thinking which is not going to help here. What would help is the participation of each and every citizen in taking care and avoiding this virus by taking all the possible precautions within the framework of the activities of that particular person.

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    It is a new situation and nobody is having a correct idea about the same. All imaginations only. But now the progression is exponential the strength of the virus may come and already WHO told that the virus is reaching its endemic stage. Omicron is spreading very fast but it may not be deadly and casualties will come down.
    In a house, if a person gets infected with a cold and cough, all other members in the house may also get infected with the same virus. It is not a problem as we all know the consequences of these problems. Like that, if Coronavirus also becomes weak and may not cause deaths.
    But nothing wrong to be cautious. The government says that booster doses for people aged above 60 can be administered as per the advice of the doctors if the persons are having any other complications. People should follow all the protocols and try to be safe so that the threat will die down.

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    Yes we are seeing spike of cases again in many countries across the globe and the so called developed countries are facing the death toll much as they could not able to take corrective actions as envisaged by India. The reason being most of the citizens of respective countries are not following the covid protocols and thus the infections were fast spreading. When our population is compared with even with big countries, they are unable to reach even half of the vaccine program and thanks to Indian health workers as they are doing their work non stop and achieving good number of coverage among the elder citizens. So the big nations must learn from India and in fact WHO was appreciating India for taking all actions so far and achieving the targets and keeping the death toll low and that is baffling many countries.
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    I will like to add that we are going to face a very difficult situation because if the Govt orders lockdown and closes the entertainment places then the business would suffer much. Already many people lost their jobs during the second peak and job position is very pathetic at present. So we will be losing at the both sides. If strict controls are applied then possibly the virus gets contained and is tamed in its minimum activity level.
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    We need to realise dangers associated with omicron. Though it may not be dangerous causing death to the affected ones but other health complications might develop. Persons suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure are prone to severe health disorders after getting infected from omicron. Severity might be dangerous for the old people after getting infected with this virus. The earlier protocols relating to this disease is to be followed religiously so as to contain this disease. Booster dose, too, is the answer to this issue.
    Total lockdown as taken earlier would affect the country in many ways including the unemployment of huge mass. Economy, too, will suffer badly with such a decision.

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    We must follow all rules and regulations to avoid spreading of the virus. Government is doing their duty and we should follow them. If we blame the government for not wearing mask or gathering for elections, it is we who are going to suffer at the end. Hope, the virus become weaker and we could live with it as common flue or cold.
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    The situation is quite unpredictable and in such a situation it is still difficult to say in which stage the epidemic is in. It is a positive thing that the new virus is not very dead and that is why people are somewhat relaxed. Apart from this, we are also seeing the positive result of vaccination, yet the carelessness of the people is also not less because after the cases that are still increasing, then caution is necessary, and if people take precautions wisely for a long time, then probably soon, then only we can defeat this pandemic.

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    The trend in last 2-3 days is alarming and government is taking certain steps and requesting people not to venture outside unnecessarily and not to congregate in places for socializing. It will take time for government authorities to to describe strict rules and regulations but till that time as a good citizen of the country I strongly believe that we must start taking care and precautions at our own level and avoid any social meeting or get together or party or function or any other activity which involves the contact of people with each other. Until and unless the public cooperates with the government we cannot fight against this deadly virus.
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