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    New year is coming - your resolutions should continue till year end

    Every time people around us used to ask us what is your new year resolution. Or some will say 'My new year resolution is.....' It is good to declare but this should be continued till the year closes.

    In the beginning of the year, even in December itself many people offered Diaries and some people buy diaries from shops with some eager. As if they planned to pen in the diary, many of us buy diaries or ask free diaries from others and some wont give the diary received by them to others. But except the persons regularly have the habit of writing diaries, many of us will not move after ten days and after that the diary is sleeping in almirah or table.

    Similarly people challenge this and that from the new year but once the new year starts they forget their challenge with the tearing of 31st December in daily sheet calendar.

    New year challenge declaration is good but it should be kept well till the year ends at least.

    Whenever we tear a sheet from the daily sheet calendar, we should keep our mind alert our age is reduced with one day and we should think what we have done or initiate for future of ourselves and our family.
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    What the author said is right. Many fail to keep the new resolution challenge until the last day of the year and tend to amend or drift away to working on the new challenge and resolutions. Sometimes I feel like we can compare this situation to that of general budget being announced in the February where in when it comes to increasing the rates of products or services are concerned and that is implemented forthwith and not even wait for the accounting year. Likewise the new year resolutions must be honored and completed through the year and end at the last day on 31 st December. But for the last two years the life has become more challenging and more inconsistent as we cannot predict anything in advance and honoring the new year resolutions also become problem for many and surely no one are committing.
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    A good submission from the author. Many people make many resolutions for sake of making the resolution. Some people will make the same resolution every year. I will stop smoking, this is the most popular resolution that will be taken by the men and how many days they follow that resolution is not known. That is how the resolutions go.
    Every day will make us older by a day. That means our days on this earth are getting reduced day by day. We have to look back and see what we achieved so far in our lives and what we are planning for the future is more important.
    Personally, I never had the habit of making resolutions. The things will take their own shape and I will act as per the situation. I was having the habit of writing accounts and expenses in a diary every day. Every day night I and my wife used to sit and write the days expenditure. But now that habit is also gone and we don't maintain any diary.

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    A thought provoking thread by the author. Most of us make some resolutions in new year but soon we forget about the points and come back to our routine same as earlier. So the point is that one has to follow the resolutions made otherwise that has no meaning. It means that we have a lacking of our will power in the matter that we do not do what we decide to do in our lives.
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