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    The poor seek food, and the rich seek hunger

    It is an old proverb in our country. The inner meaning of the proverb is still relevant in our society.
    The main goal of the poor is to satisfy his physical hunger, so his needs are limited because his present position does not allow him to go beyond it. Because the demand for food is above all for him to survive. And he has to spend all the time arranging it. That's real. On the other hand, the demand for food for the rich is hunger. Which is not physical, mental hunger. And the more he acquires the right to new assets, the more his hunger for power will increase, which has no limits. Many times the poor are oppressed to satisfy the hunger of the rich. This is the trend of society. Out of it, we were able to get out? What do you think?
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    Lovely heading and fantastic reasoning came out of author's mind and it is the fact that the poor seek food and even for one time if one square meal was available he would happily eat and sleep. But for the rich the eagerness to acquire more and more wealth and that is the hunger point within him would force even to go in wrong way to deceive people and make money. How the land lords in the villages used to take pledging of poor farmers land papers and take signature on the blank paper and by chance the loan amount was not paid, the entire land goes to land lord who financed it. This way the hunger of acquiring more land and also yearning the enmity of villagers has ended many landlords not having the sound sleeps for many years as they keep on doing wrong things and encroached on lands for just paying pittance.
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    Hunger. It is the ultimate to all irrespective of their financial position. Poor may have a hunger for food. The rich may have the hunger to earn more and to have power. So on this earth, there is nobody without hunger. A rich man will have a bowl full of food but he may not be able to enjoy it as his hunger is not for food. A poor may be having a hunger for food but the empty vessels may not be able to fulfil his hunger.
    As the rich are having the money they will try to dominate the poor by throwing some food at them so that they will be loyal to them as their hunger is getting satisfied with the food that is being offered by the rich. But the hunger of the rich will continue to be there always as there is no limit to their aspirations and desires.

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    The author is absolutely right and indeed this saying proves to be true in the present situation. Today there is a large section of the poor who sleep hungry, they do not know how many nights in one night and there is also a class of rich people who have a lot to eat but either they are forced in front of their habits or stress or health. . This diversity in the lives of people is coming to the fore as a big question and a matter of concern. It is very important to handle this disturbing balance so that balance is maintained.

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    Different people have different priorities in their lives. A poor and downtrodden person is happy if he gets two times food and a place to sleep. His requirements are minimal and he is even struggling for that. His mind set is limited to the basic survival mechanism and he would be considering only those basic needs and ways to fulfill them.
    On the other hand the rich and affluent will have a different mind set and they will be competing and comparing themselves with other people who are having more materialistic attainments and wealth than them. The world is a strange place. Here even the richest people yearn for more. Many times this yearning is a cause of unhappiness and worry in one's life. Prudent and wise people understand this aspect and limit their desires and ambitions after attaining a particular level and then concentrate towards spiritual attainments rather than materialistic gains.

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    This was stressed in one Tamil cinema of 1970's. A comedian was in the role of compounder under a doctor. A patient came to him for medicines and annoying himself that doctor advised to eat one apple daily morning. He told the compounder, "I am a poor fellow, how can I afford for an apple daily?" Next to him a patient told him, "you are somewhat better, doctor asked me to have porridge daily, I am rich but who will offer porridge for me as no person in the house?" Immediately the compounder, comedian, told first to offer the porridge available with him and get apple from the rich and told the second rich, to get the porridge from the first for an apple daily.

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    Poverty is something which makes some people hunt for at least two square meals a day. It is heart touching to come across the news of people dying for want of food.
    However,there are some who have enough money to waste food .
    The greed of the affluent is entirely different from the want of the poor. They have hunger for possessing and hoarding expensive gadgets ,laptops .The need for buying expensive items will never end .

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    Hunger is a trait that is not just about food but for something which can be associated with everything human desires. And this hunger does not get satisfied easily.
    As for those who don't hunger for anything life becomes stagnant and boring. Humans need this hunger constantly the fire for achieving something should stay in him/her.
    Although the author is not wrong here in pointing out the negative connotation associated with hunger here. The insatiable hunger of the rich often keeps the bellies of the poor empty. And this balance of hunger in our society is always tilted and never gets labelled and this is the reason for various forms of sadness and penury in society. If only we become able to find a balance in this hunger our society can prosper.

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