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    We should eat to live

    Our body can't produce in itself all the energy requirements to continue to live. So, we have to supplement the body by eating food so that we will get the required energy to continue our living. Our eating should have a purpose and we should eat what is needed for the body. We should eat for necessary nourishment. If we avoid eating for a long duration we will become weak and we can't participate in any activity and we will get sick. So eating is essential.

    But from the time we wake up in the morning till the minute we sleep to go on thinking about food, eating food and go on searching for the food we like and wasting a lot of time on planning for food is not correct. Some people will get upset if the food they wanted is not available and they behave as if they have lost everything in their lives.

    We have many other things to do in this life. Instead of finding pleasure in eating, we should find pleasure in doing much more purposeful activities like helping the poor, educating the people and helping old people etc. so that we will feel that we have achieved something in our lives. We all should remember the famous quote coined by Jack LaLanne, "eat to live, don't live to eat"

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    In our Indian scriptures there are many things told about eating in moderation. Today the dieticians and health experts advise us the same thing. Eating less and over eating both are detrimental to our health. Medical science talks in terms of calories and an average adult needs it somewhere in the range of 1600 to 1800 per day. That amount is more than sufficient to sustain and maintain our body. If we eat in excess and indulge in eating throughout the day then the result will be disastrous because all the extra calories will start depositing in the form of fat in our body and we will soon get some ailment related to high body weight.
    Another important thing is we can not waste our time after the food and thinking about it only. There are many important matters to be taken up other than the eating adventures.

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    Last week when I had been to our family doctor on diabetic for the regular checkup, while waiting for my turn, the doctor was scolding a patient with 350 count of sugar post lunch and he bombarded both the wife and husband to change the eating habits and also told them, that we should not eat to live instead live to eat. After reading this post my thoughts went to that incident and hence shared here. But it is understood that periodic having food by diabetic patient is always remembered and this doctor says just eat one chapathi and live. That is drastic cut on the cravings for food and due to his harsh words, many patients are not turning up again and his medicines do work wonder and even the acute diabetic patient is made to normal provided, he listens to all the advise and be the good patient of that doctor.
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