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    What is good being bold or being strong?

    Being strong is a quality that a person can have. While boldness is the amplified state of confidence. Strength is internal while boldness is an external character.

    A bold person can express everything without any fear and hesitation. A bold person can dare to attempt any task and challenge others. Suppose a person is going to present his proposal before his clients. He/she will answer his queries and doubts boldly because he/she has good knowledge about them and is bold enough to answer their queries. Similarly, a bold person will speak and oppose against treated wrongly.

    A strong person has strong willpower and faces every situation with a strong spirit even in stressful situations. A person can be both mentally and physically strong. A mentally strong person has the strength to accept the bitter truth and harsh realities of life. So he/she can handle any problem with patience. While a physically strong person can protect himself and others.
    While a bold person will be mentally strong because being bold is a quality of leadership who do not scared and do not hesitate. A bold person will have enough courage to admit things and apologise, accept realities, take responsibility, and keep promises.

    Strength is stable and remains in a person for long but boldness comes momentarily when it is required to show response and action. A person may or may not have both these traits. A strong person may or may not have boldness. Being strong or being bold both have their advantages. . People can have different opinions. What do you say?

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    Boldness is a trait that comes when a situation demands it. Strength is a trait that makes a person be strong in all situations. A physically strong person will have confidence in his physical strength and will face the situation with a lot of confidence. A mentally strong person will have a strong mind and he will be able to face the situation with his wisdom.
    All the time mentally strong persons will have the strength to withstand all the times of difficulties and try to face them without any anxiety or stress. But a mentally weak person may get anxious and stressed. In that process, he may become very inefficient and chances of getting lost will become high. That is why people say that mentally one should be strong even though they are not physically strong.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to one of my family friend who has the big fancy shop and earns good money out of it and keep on investing in real estate and later sell them. He always takes risk and buy those properties which are in litigation between the tenant and owner or rift between the families and such properties he would get at less price and he has the knack to clear the hurdles and even settle the issues between them and sell away property at good price. What I could understand from him is the boldness and strong effort he makes every time to purchase a property in litigation and then clears off with his able lawyers. He has benefited a lot money wise and those who are bold and strong were always benefited to earn more and even the people would be ready to give their litigation property to them.
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    Simply being bold would be disastrous if a person has not got strong convictions and beliefs. Boldness can be useful only when the person depicting it has commensurate knowledge and intelligence to propel it to the logical conclusion. Anyway everyone cannot be strong as well as bold but will have these traits in some proportion. Some people have strong character and strong will to do the work or get the work done and boldness also helps them many times to put forward their views and opinions in certain important matters. So a good combination of these two characteristics will form a successful personality.
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    Just as courage and strength are closely related, a bold person and a strong person can have many things in common. Both of them depend on the condition of the human being at times, a person is bold, it does not mean that he should always be bold, certainly in some situations or in front of some people, he may not be the same. Strength is more attached to emotionality, when a person is strong from within, he is able to prove himself strong, the same courageous person is beyond emotion. In both forms, we find a great personality.

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