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    Are students of schools really happy with online classes?

    Since the disaster of Covid 19 students of India who study in schools have no other alternative except to take up online classes. Some enjoy the classes as they no longer have to go through the ordeal of getting ready for school, going on roads full of traffic, and lose their energy before entering the school. In addition, they interact with their friends on the internet after the classes are over.

    However,looking constantly at the screen for longer duration makes their eyesight weak and some of the even get headaches. They end up wearing spectacles at a young age. Parents also want their children to attend schools as they had been doing before because it has become very difficult for them to control them as they become indisciplined. While attending school they used to get up at a fixed time, get prepared for school, wear well-ironed clothes, do their homework etc. These habits teach them good values.

    Are the school children cont when they attend classes online? Are their parents keen on sending them back to school as early as possible? What is your opinion?
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    For the first time in the history of India we faced the huge task of online classes that was not only challenging to the school, but also to the students and parents. In many ways the online classes were failure. That there is no personal touch or connect between the teacher and the student as merely appearing on video does not suffice the studies. The old teachers left the job and new teachers with less salaries were employed who does not know the students by face and hence total chaos. And for parents they had to part with costly smart phone for the online class and there are every tendency that child would meddle for other use also. And for school the fees are not forth coming and they are unable to collect the fees and therefore the online classes have become more problematic than successful as thought.
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    Online classes are continuing to provide educations to the students of different classes to raise their familiarity in the different subjects. However, in terms of satisfaction this has not provided the students to the desired results. Moreover, they lack the personnel touch of their teachers apart from the session for the clarity of doubts which crop up in the minds of students. The teachers taking such classes in most of the times are the new entrants offering teaching sessions lacking the experience of teaching. This trend is due to the fact that old teachers having vast experience in their subjects have been replaced with the fresh one to save substantial money by way of the expenses. Even the parents are not satisfied with the school authorities due to the irrational hike of the fees and other expenses thus partying huge amount of expenses for their school going children. Considering all these points, this system of education has been the complete chaos in getting the right mode of education.

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    I don't think nobody is really happy with online classes. A student who attends a class will have more exposure to society and understand the issues in society in a better way. But online classes are forced on them due to the pandemic.
    My brother's daughter is in her 4th class. She was attending online classes from April 2020 and it is continued up to November 2021. Their school is opened on Dec 1st and the school administration has given a choice to the student to decide whether to attend online classes or physical classroom. My brother and his wife thought that they will continue online till this academic year-end. But their daughter is so adamant that she doesn't want to attend online classes and she wants to attend the school.
    The exposure a student gets when he attends a school is entirely different and a student prefers to attend school rather than online classes, I hope.

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    When we talk of the overall development of a child then physical school classes are definitely better than the online ones. In the school the students get a very good atmosphere having a variety of activities like sports, games, tournaments, group activities, cultural programmes, debate and such competitions, chit-chatting with the friends etc and in the house there will be a monotonous living with the parents most of the time. So, given a choice most of the students will opt for the physical classes. Online classes are useful and preferred by the professionals who do not have time to join the physical classes.
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    In the initial time when online classes be a part of students life, they quite enjoy the same because they feel more comfortable at home, no pressure of school timing and many more things but after some times students started missing their friends and most important the environment that they got in schools. Today when we ask children they are just want to go to school for their studies and to meet friends and enjoy the offline school. Many parents also believe that offline classes are very important to make a strong base of education.

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