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    Mother's sacrifice versus supreme sacrifice

    What is supreme sacrifice? Soldiers giving life for the country or someone dying for a good cause is the highest sacrifice. There is no contradiction about it but, is it the only greatest sacrifice? I wonder how to rate a mother's renouncement of everything, including her life for one's child. For me, it's equivalent to the ultimate sacrifice for the motherland.

    Soldiers are not born in a day. Their birth, childhood and adulthood all owe one's mother. Even consider those women's lives who die/died while giving birth to their child. Fathers take a lot of pain in taking care of their children, if required, they won't hesitate to give their lives too, but God has made females who can conceive and give birth to a child. The ladies who love to have a family are ready to take a risk, so are they in any way less than any soldier?

    The fact is no one knows what's the future of a soldier and would-be mother. Another point is, in maximum cases, mothers give up their ambitions and wishes for the sake of their children, which in real terms is not like sacrificing their lives. Sincerely speaking, it is so because they give up every desire and dream of theirs, which in exchange makes their personality hollow. Thus, a mother's sacrifice of her life or personal likings is as supreme as the sacrifice for the nation or any good cause.

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    Nice thread from the author by comparing mothers sacrifice on par with the soldier sacrifice for the mother land. Both are important and because of whom we are safe and secure. But I give full marks to mother because a good soldier was born out of mother only and he cannot boast of best trait and invoking blessings from his commanders and chiefs for being the great soldier. The mother made him to stand on his own and guard the land from the enemies and every soldier is mostly indebted to the cause of mother. And when someone is struggling at the border to safeguard us, it is his mother comes to the mind and seek blessings. So mother gave birth a child, nurtured to the hilt and made him the best citizen and each mother takes pride and takes credit if the son or daughter becomes the most iconic person of the country.
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    Very unique post in the forum is this. It is said that every child needs the help of the God. As he can't be with it all the time ,he had made all mother's his representative to take care of his children created by him to nurture them.
    As regards soldiers who are ready to lay down their lives for their motherland are brought by the mothers themselves since their childhood. She teaches the child good values of life inculcating the value of sacrifice and love for the motherland.
    As they are of two different categories,I feel that both have their own importance and hence I respect all the mothers. At the same breath I salute the soldiers too.

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    Mother's sacrifice is the supreme, I agree. She is ready to die to give birth to a child. If you give her a choice whether you want your life or your kid, she will vote for the kid. So I think we need not compare her sacrifice with any other sacrifice. A doctor or a soldier or a farmer is doing service to the country. No doubt. But they are getting some remuneration for the service that they are doing. But what is that a mother gets back for her sacrifice. Not even a word of appreciation and love. I am seeing many children who try to find fault with the mother more than their wives.
    A mother will serve and sacrifice without even getting anything in return. She will not worry about what she does for their kids and never feels that she is suffering because of her children. A mother carries her kid in her for 9 months and she never comparing about the pain she is having those times to anybody. Such is the greatness of the mother. We should all salute them for their sacrifice in making us good citizens of the country.

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    Mother's sacrifice itself a Supreme sacrifice. No person can be get compared with one's parents especially mother.
    A story which was told by my mother usually. A man brought up well by his mother till the age of marriage. He fallen love with some girl and told his mother about the proposal. Mother also agreed for that marriage amidst many complications between the girl's family and his family. After the marriage was over, the girl wanted to live separately from his mother. Mother agreed for that also. Due to love and affection on his wife he nodded his head everything she told. Accordingly he stopped the money sent to his mother etc., One day during the talking he told his wife about the mother's affection from childhood and further he told that his mother's heart was totally filled with love and kindness. Immediately she asked him to get his mother's heart as to see the love and kindness inside. On her request, he as lost his own mind, went to his mother and told about his wife's request. Mother without thinking a second, by producing a knife, asked him to take the heart of her. This fool person without knowing the consequences, took her heart in his hand and gone out. While he crossed the entrance he slipped his leg and fell down, at that time, the heart told him, "Oh son! take care, have you got injured anywhere?"

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