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    What is your take - late night working or early morning

    People who are engaged in creative writing or content writing sit late in the night and complete their work by 1 AM or 2 AM before going to sleep and generally these people are late risers in the morning. It is said and many people believe that our mind is fresh with ideas and energy in the early morning time and it is better to do our creative work during those hours. But that is only possible when we go to the bed in the night at an early time and then get up at 5 or 6 AM in the morning.
    As a writer or author what is your experience in this regard? Do you prefer to sit late in the night and complete your work and then only go to the bed or you are an early riser and like to work in the morning hours with a fresh mind? Please share your views.
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    People usually work in shifts nowadays . Earlier all the offices used to work for 8 hours the timing being 9.00 to 5 .00 pm. However ,the private firms of today have different timings . The youngsters of today are sleep deprived and some even have sleep apnea.

    The mind is of course fresh early in the morning ,the quality of work is also good .Those who work in late hours also work hard but end up falling sick very often because of not following the usual routine of getting up early.

    Thus we should follow "Early to bed and early from bed makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise "

    I usually work late night especially I post in India study channel most of the time. But,I get up early in the morning too.

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    I have no specific timing. Generally, I complete all my activities of the day by 9 PM and I will start working the next day at around 9 AM. That means 9 AM to 9 PM is the time span I work in a day. I will go to bed at 11 PM and get up at 6 AM. That 3 hours in the mornings and 2 hours in the night will be spent with my family and my morning pooja also that morning time only. I plan my daily routines and pooja etc.
    It is true that our mind will be fresh in the morning and we can do better work during early hours. My mother used to wake me up at around 4 AM and used to spend that time on my studies. slowly I stopped getting up at that time. But these days people never prefer getting up early. They go to bed after the date is changed and generally get up after 8 AM in the morning. Late-night activities are increasing these days.

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    For me early to bed and early to rise was the motto from the childhood and come what may I would go for sleep early and wake up at 3 am for sure and after the daily routines and having one to one puja offerings with God, I sit on the computer with cup of coffee and that would be 4.30 am. That is the time when the world is fast asleep and those who finished the late night works are all asleep with deep slumber. But I feel early morning is the best time to invoke the best thought process, because our mind is free and we have enough time to think and do the work. I am against compromising the sleep and working late hours which is against the set rules of many. Morning times are very calm and quiet and there is no disturbance from anyone and thus works gets finished without any pending mode and I like morning times.
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