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    What do we mean by a cosmopolitan person?

    Many people feel pride in telling that they do not adhere and belong to any culture or religion or sect and they are cosmopolitan. They also say that a cosmopolitan person sees the world with an unbiased mind as he is not prejudiced with any cultural background. Some people say that such a person does not visit a temple or church or mosque. Does it mean that a cosmopolitan person is not a religious one? It is also said that such a person has no affiliation with any social group. He is open to everything and treats everyone alike. What is your understanding of a cosmopolitan person? Is it possible to be a cosmopolitan in such a strict way? Please give your views on this.
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    As far as my knowledge is concerned, a cosmopolitan person is one who respects all other nationals, religions and castes as equal irrespective of his nationality or caste or religion. He will never hesitate to visit any place of worship or any country any gathering belonging to any religion. He treats all religions on par with the religion to which he belongs. But I never come across such a person any time.
    I know a cosmopolitan society where people belonging to different areas, different religions, different background lives together. In some cities, we will find such an atmosphere and we will call those cities cosmopolitan cities.
    All our politicians except a few may become cosmopolitan citizens when the elections are in offing. They go to Hindu temples, Christian churches and Muslim dargah. They eat with them. dance with them and dress like them. They think that by doing that they can attract voters belonging to all the religions and castes.

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    What I presume that the so called cosmopolitan persons can be termed as atheists as they do not have faith in God or religion and for them no bias, no intervention on any matter and they live on their own terms. By claiming to be cosmopolitan they are shirking the very responsibility of safeguarding their rights and abuse being hurled on them. They may have reservations and not accepting the God as the praying concept and for that they need not be indifferent and demean others who practice any religion and faith. And if they are not believing the God, how Sun has been appearing on daily basis, how the day changes, how the seasons occur and how the natural calamities occur to weed away with unwanted people. So there are calculations in life and totally guarded by the God, no matter the cosmopolitan people wont understand.
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