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    Which works better? Being polite or being strict with workers and subordinates?

    A lot of time a person go through a situation where he/she is in charge and have to make others work or cases where one have to make a subordinate work, or some repair and construction work by workers.
    In such cases we often see few people handling subordinates with aggression and control while some being polite. Which method works for you to make the work efficient?
    As often people get too lazy when they are not scolded and they make worse when they are controlled?
    Which method do you follow when you have any such work to do?
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    One should have a stick in his/her hand. But it should very rarely and selectively be used. This is the best style of management these days I feel.
    We should have different ways to handle different people. You can't treat the shopfloor worker and the shopfloor manager in the same way. You should treat them differently and deal with them differently.
    The responsibility of an individual will differ based on his role in the organisation. A CEO has to deal with all senior managers and all these senior managers have to deal with next-level managers and these will deal with staff and workers. A CEO has to be a very convincing and logical way of working. He can decide on the targets but see that the senior managers feel as if they are also a part of the decision. But a front line manager can't follow the same way with his staff and subordinates. He should decide the targets and explain why those targets were decided and be with them to see that they try their best in delivering the goods as planned. He has to be strict where he should be strict but at the same time he has to maintain a balance and see that the staff and workers will go with him and work efficiently.

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    Strictness and sternness is required to maintain the discipline in the workplace but at the same time human values are also respected but not on the cost of productivity. A boss has to be polite but only when everything is running smoothly and the productivity is maintained high. If there is laziness on the part of the subordinates then the boss has to take some actions which will not be polite in any way. So, the responsibility of a boss is much larger and he has to be very diplomatic and effective in his approach to the subordinates. He can be very rude and shrewd at times when the subordinates resort to bad practices. On the other hand he would be appreciating and awarding the deserving subordinates time to time to motivate them to do better. Rewards and punishments go together in a company or organisation and in a good business house a lot of emphasis is given on the treatment that the boss has to give to his subordinates. It is obvious that boss should have good knowledge of human psychology and at times he would even be using psychological methods to deal with the subordinates.
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    Definitely one should be strict to their workers or others in some situations because sometimes it seems necessary. There are many seniors who try to be polite to their juniors or subordinates but it is not sure that it will work always. On either hand, we can not say a strict person is able to handle all situations or control their team or members. So what if a balance is maintained by seniors, a balance between being polite and strict may be helpful for any workforce. So while remaining strict, when you are able to humble yourself depending on the situation, then you will prove to be a good leader.

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    It all depends on the work and workers as whether we being the in-charge or the superior to them having appointed should be polite or rude with strict instructions. Normally when the top post is given, it comes with some rights and responsibilities and that includes taming the subordinates and workers to bring in best among them. For example a server working in hotel cannot be respected by the boss or the customer as rude behavior with them alone would bring the best work and coordinated effort. Likewise children employed in companies illegally are being taken many work by paying pittance. But in offices we must be trending with caution because, a junior or subordinate can also be promoted to boss over us in future and therefore be polite and yet be strict to take the work from them. So there is no fixed methods.
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    I have worked in a big company as second head of a department. Almost all the departments are coming under our department, so every workers, staff, managers have to contact us daily. My boss on the first day of my joining itself told me to handle the department with care as it is totally related to employees. I never made any one to wait when came to our department for anything. This itself helped me to have freeness between Management and them. We have to show our strictness in the situations according to the situation and strictness can also shown with polite and our approach itself made the subordinates and workers to work well and thereby industrial peace we can experience. If we seems to be strictness in our face always, the freeness in employees and or subordinates lacks and thereby misty chaos possible.

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