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    Inviting new year with spiritual thoughts

    Not only our country but entire universe faced a tragic situation in the whole 2021 year.
    Mistakes of parents will affect children and children get punished for the mistakes of parents. Accordingly we, well cultured Indians erring somewhere by neglecting our spiritual duties and faced problem over the year. We should keep ourselves and our children in a good spiritual path which is absolutely in this needy hour. Though we have many religions in our country the teachings of all such religions are one and same. We welcome the new year with spiritual thoughts. Wish you a happy new year to all ISCns.
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    A good thought by the author on the new year eve. Yes, it is very true that we have to tell our children about our cultural background and our spiritual past. India is a country where the spirituality, Yoga, and meditation emerged in the past and then spread to the whole the world. We are the source of these enlightenments and we must feel proud of it. I join the author in welcoming the new year with this new mindset.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Indeed, the advice of the author gives a very positive message, and we should understand the importance of the fact that spirituality is very important in our life, which comes to us as the biggest support on many such occasions when we are about to lose courage. Divine power may be of any religion, but it keeps a belief in the person that we have the ability to defeat any evil in the world because we have the power of spirituality with us. I would like to wish the author and everyone else the spiritual year of 2022. The supreme power blessed everyone.

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    Good advice on the part of the author that when the country and the world faced the biggest challenge of survival and revival, we all took to the prayers and invoked the blessings of Gods and almighty. It is sure that India could able to survive among all odds and proven great example to the world and that our grit, determination and self confidence alone has given us the better strength to tackle the challenging situation with ease. Today India can boast of containing the spread of virus and also proudly say that elders are almost vaccinated and the vaccination for the children has been started. When the death toll on other countries were scaring us, we are totally guarded and saved by the grace of Gods, as good souls around us are making every effort for our survival and their prayers were duly paid to every one.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A piece of very good advice from the author. There may be many ways to reach a particular destination. I may choose one way and the other may choose another way. But ultimately both will reach the destination. Like this, all the religions are the ways to reach God. Different people will go for different religions based on their beliefs and family customs. All religions will teach the same. So one need not worry about religion.
    The last 2 years are very difficult and many people faced hardships and suffered a lot. Maybe the sins or mistakes committed by all of us resulted in this situation. So let us take a resolution that we will not commit any sin or mistakes and we will believe in God. As mentioned by the author let us welcome the new year with spiritual thoughts and hope that we will have good times in the year 2022.

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    Well, are we mixing spirituality, God and religion in some way? I think, all these three are different and everyone will express the term spirituality in a different way. Though I feel the common tone would be to unite with God when we talk about spirituality it must be practised according to your interpretation of spirituality. All over the world, there are various cultures and practises and there is no need to think that spirituality belongs to any specific region/country. Our thoughts and actions must be in sync and moreover, we must be conscious of what we are doing. Let us be more conscious in all our actions and let's take the pledge in that direction this new year.

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    The cambridge dictionary explains the spiritual as, "Relating to deep feelings and beliefs, especially religious beliefs".
    It is totally agreed that every country has its own culture, but we have to talk and follow here about Indians and we cannot follow other countries. If we have some set back in our daily life, it is normal to think about what mistake we have done earlier to face such problem. Immediately we run to doctors or specialists for remedy. Individual citizen may have some different mind about religion, God etc. but universally as Indian we think so, that is to seek Divine help. Nobody can deny a supreme power over us though whatever we have studied or whoever we are. A learned, wise, talented Kings like Ravana and Hiranyakshan got boons from God (some supreme power-if God is not acceptable) by forgetting specific points on their death. We are whoever may be but following some tradition in our house according our house follow-up rather than anything.
    Normally in Chennai we get rain during December and January. Our people used to comment once the cricket match planned in Chennai stadium the cricket fans to pray God for stopping rain during the match days. but since recent years it is very tremendous rainfall and many houses filled in rain water, many people lost their certificates, values and running for food. Moreover in recent rains Chennai suffering a lot, in spite of our CM though declared many arrangements.
    Similar to that the seeking help from God or supreme power through our prayers especially through collective prayers for rescue of the Universe from such disasters.

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