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    If you have talent, language doesn't matter that much.

    It would not be wrong to call this era the linguistic age, where we see different languages ??and we find a common language among all the languages, which is English. Knowing, learning, understanding English is a different thing but being able to speak English is another. Some people are a collection of bountiful talents, they have been blessed with many such God gifts which are not available to every normal person. In such a situation, if a person keeps himself behind, or hides just because his command is not good in the English language, then it proves to be a big mistake. Language is important no doubt but it is also true that every person in the world respects talent. Therefore, if any person, knowing any talent, hides it within himself, then he should fearlessly come in front of the world with his talent without any hesitation, he will definitely get support for linguistic knowledge.

    I wish we will find such talented people this year, Happy New Year 2022!!!
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    The author is right that talent definitely comes out with the selection of appropriate words chosen by the talented writers. It might be possible that that there is some incubation period initially causing some hesitation in expressing the contents but as the time passes, the writers would overcome the shyness.
    Underestimating ourselves is the biggest folly and instead of overanalysing ourselves, we should take the every opportunity to express ourselves fearlessly. The ultimate result will prove to be quality product. Let us explore the talented people who would take parts in their creative writing showing their inclinations in the literary field in this year.

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    Language matters when you need to express yourself to others in a language they understand, if that is not required then language will not be a barrier. For example, if a sportsperson plays well and can somehow communicate with her/his teammates then language will not be a factor and only the performance in the game will be considered. Everyone is a normal person and everyone is talented too in one aspect or the other. The only thing is to nurture the talents. Since childhood, in most cases the concentration is on studies and talent in other aspects are not properly groomed. Because of the pressure, some talents do not get enough exposure and later at some point when such talents are noticed others get surprised. Now if others know of someone hiding her/his talent for some reason then they must take enough initiative so that the talent flourishes.

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    The language will not be a barrier to showcasing our talent. A person who is good at mathematics need not worry about his English knowledge provided he has the minimum fluency so that he can explain the subject easily to others. But an English teacher should have sound proficiency in English and then only he can teach English to his students in a proper way and see that the vocabulary of his students will improve.
    A dancer need not be a good orator. If she can perform well in the programme, nobody bothers about her language skills. A dancer should have good knowledge of music. dance, tunes and the lyrics of the song.
    If a dancer stops concentrating on her dance and spends more time on language and her oratory skills, she may not be able to do justice to her skill.

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    Nicely said by the author. In fact the reality shows which are being beamed on regional languages television are having immense talent right from the child to the elders, and some are not knowing the local language and yet their talent was totally accepted even though English has become the barrier. Now a days a translator can be kept to have conversation on the stage so that the totality of talent and the person can be known. One boy with huge physical talent could not talk in English and in fact he talked in Tulu and immediately a translator was arranged and she could bring all the qualities and expectations of that boy to the stage and world. So as said by author, next time never lag behind for want of knowing English as any language or even sign language would suffice to make the judges understand what need to be said.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The author is correct. I have visited many parts in our country. I could not manage with English in almost all areas especially in remote areas other than cosmopolitan areas . It is acceptable in some higher authorities but local language is necessary to some extent for getting our work done without delay. I used to talk in all offices of other states in their languages only and got the work done, though I am not fluent. It is not wrong in learning a language in addition to our mother tongue language.

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    Language is a means of communication and showcase one's talent or knowledge to others. A person might be very knowledgeable but if he is not able to express his views in a proper manner then it is a big handicap. So it makes sense in making efforts in improving one's language knowledge and skills. Now a days every student gets an opportunity to learn a few languages and some subjects of his choice and most of the people have good command on some languages to express themselves. It is only the students who have studies in remote places where teachers are either not available or are not up to the mark that the student are not having a good knowledge of English. So, in such a case they have to practice it independently to get improvement in it.
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    English is not the language which native indians speak. India is the only country where people speak multiple regional languages. A person who is multilingual has the benefit of learning many new things.
    Thus,not knowing English should not be considered as weakness. A talented and creative Indian should try to exhibit it in his own mother language. For example,the women artisans of Rajasthan and other states although unlettered sell their handmade items and become financially independent. The government also buys things from them and sell those items to customers and pay the artisans good amount.
    I can read and write Tamil,Hindi and can speak in Bengali and Kannada. I am more happy about knowing the regional languages than being fluent in English

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    Definitely it is the talent which wins in the battle of the language proficiency and any skill or talent. But in today's world where everything has become so superficial people are judged more by their manners than their talents. It is the first impression which is valued first than only the other things count. And language often acts as barrier for those talented beings who can't express themselves well in a universal language whereas it acts as boon for those who are talented and have also good command over language skills and communication skills. So of course it is the talent which should be valued over language but one should not completely ignore language skills as well.
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