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    It is not right to make fun of the dignity of a relationship.

    Time is changing and with time people's thinking is also changing, this cannot be denied. But in some cases, many web series or crime-related serials also help in changing the thinking like Dignity of Relationship.

    Relationships are worshiped, respected, and always found as they are. But these days when we watch web series or any serial related to crime, most of the time, a very negative image is presented about relationships, Where many times family relationships are also shown as anti-social relations in a wrong way and if such forms of such relationships are brought to the fore, then it should not be that all this becomes a common thing for the coming generation.

    There are many other options for showing crime or suspense or thrillers etc., in such a situation it is wrong to show respected relationships in the wrong way just for good ratings or publicity.
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    That is exactly correct. One should not spoil the dignity of relationships. Unfortunately, many TV serials show differences of opinions between the family members and they relate that to their relationship. This is creating a lot of problems among some Indian families.
    Our epic Ramayana gives a very good account of the importance of relationships. How a brother should treat his elder brother. How children should behave with their parents and how they have to maintain the relationship. How important are relations before money and power are well described in this Epic? Bharatha never accepted himself as a king and ruled the country as an officiating King keeping his brother's footwear on the seat. When we
    read or see this epic we will understand the value of relationships.
    Contrary to that these days novels and serials are showing how to spoil relationships. They are giving a message to society that money and power are more important than relationships.

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    The way we live and others prefer to live are entirely different and those shown on the web series are totally fabricated one to have new story line which in unbelievable, not acceptable, not seen, not heard in the past, and the so called new learned mass wants to support it under the guise of viewing pleasure and vote for such web series which were gone out of context. Relationship is very sacred, time tested and most regarded between to the two, but the stories have the niche of doubt on either one side and that takes the story line to different angle of new twists. I do not know why the actors also accept such subjects which are going against the wishes of the society and one cannot digest the new twists to the story that is drifted away from the main acceptance in the society. Only for creating sensation such ratings are made.
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    If negative images are portrayed in some web series or serials then I fail to understand why people continue to watch such things and then complain about them. When you find something negative I am sure you should try to keep yourself away from negativity but somehow we remain enticed to watch such things more and more and discuss with others that such things are wrong. If it is shown in a movie it's a different issue because watching a movie is a one-time affair but for serials and series, it's a regular affair and people continue to watch the same thing over and over with more interest. Moreover, after watching people complain about the storyline and are habituated to discuss it during conversations.

    I am sure the author will not take my response personally as I have found many doing the same thing and to me, it has become a common trend to discuss web series and serials. If there is something you do not like just stop watching it.


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    It is not something that is shown negative but it is already prevalent in the society in many parts of country. Mostly crime series and dramas are inspired by the real life events. And it is because of our moral value system we tend to think it is wrong or right. These things are for sure are wrong, but cinema is the mirror of society and it presents the image of society which is their in existence. Just because we have turn blind eyes to things does not mean they are not their. I guess author is pointing to the series like- Mirzapur where many such relations are tarnished.
    Although sometime series goes into extremes but that does not means they are completely untrue. We should see such series with the purpose of entertainment only.

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    It is true that we must maintain the dignity of relationships. Still there are cases where people do not give cognisance to this aspect and abuse the relationship through evil actions. The movie makers or serial producers use this tendency in their work and depict this in the serials and it is natural that many people enjoy that type of depiction. Most of the films generally show the evil versus good in their movies to touch the sentiments and emotions of the viewers and finally they show that the good won over the evil and the viewers get happy about that good end and appreciate the production. The business objective of the big business houses in the film and TV industry is met and the viewers are also happy. What more we can expect from these entertainment creations.
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    No, it is not, I did not take your response personally at all but you are confused to understand my point. You will easily agree that nowadays most of the families get more OTT platforms than TV cables and every member of the family is using them. Some elders definitely understand and it is very easy to keep yourself away from it but are you sure to keep the middle age generation away from them. We cannot keep an eye on the children all the time and cannot keep them away from such evils long time, according to me, negative images should not be shown about the relationship, especially the relationship in which people forget their real definition of a particular relation, and crossing the limit, a ban is necessary on them.

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    Swati Sharma @#748909,

    Where is the confusion in my reply? Whether to keep yourself away or not is completely your choice and nobody can direct you in this regard unless another person is in control of the platforms. I am unable to understand why should I try to keep someone away from something if the person likes those things very much? I can only make the person aware and describe the consequences. When the contents are so popular and shown on many platforms then for sure those contents have many viewers and they like the contents in that way only without a ban. My only point is if you find something unreasonable/objectionable, rather than crying for a ban don't watch them. If parents watch them why do you think that children will not watch them in the absence of parents even if they are warned not to watch such things? Smoking in front of the children and telling them not not smoke will make them smokers only.


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