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    Do we give our brain more pressure to work differentlly?

    It is greatly known to us that our brain is the part of our body and that has the greatest influence on our performance under pressure. For example you are at the Marathon challenge and though the work load is on physical movement as to running fast or waking fast, but we do give over assertions to brain to work for the strategy of the same. No body ever understood that our brain is the most complex organ in the our body always responding to our command and in fact our brain is most complex organ even in the entire universe. Do we give our brain more pressure to work differently?
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    The brain will be always working. It will not stop thinking. It will think on one or the other subject. Our brain is also like a computer with a lot of storage facilities. It will store a lot of material in it and it will be thinking about various problems that are around you. If there are no issues to think it will start thinking about something else. Keeping it silent is not possible.
    But some people will have the habit of overthinking. They go on thinking and in that process they will put more pressure on the brain I think. That may not be desirable. We should not strain with unnecessary thoughts. Some people think more about their health and they think of marinating perfect health. A little deviation also will cause a lot of anxiety to them as the brain starts thinking about the same. That will bring in psychological problems to the individual.

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    Once we get up in the morning, the brain would work continuously without taking any rest. It would try to resolve many issues with which we are suffering and find out the solutions for the unresolved issues. If there are no such issues, it might think for the future. Depending upon the nature of a man, brain would work differently and if the man is of positive attitude, it will remain relaxed. Thinking of the uncertain future, brain will be over stressed. Negative thinking can create health issues at the later stage. We should not unnecessarily strain our minds if you want to lead a healthy life.

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    I can't say whether we pressure our brain more or not before any task or not but we sure need the brain's strong willpower for any task. No matter whatever the task is the essential thing is the courage and will to do it. More than physical strength, more than any resources, help we require willpower.
    Otherwise, no matter how strong a resolution, a promise, a plan is without the backing of strong willpower backed by the brain it becomes a waste.

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    It is said that most of us use very little potential of our brain and yet feel happy over achievements.
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