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    When your answers were underlined with red ink

    When your answers were underlined with red ink by the teacher after the corrections have been done and were given back to each respective student what were your initial reactions? Because every student wants to keep the record very straight and without any remark. But when the teacher expects something else, perhaps an extraordinary answer, the mere content is not allowed and thus she would put the red line beneath the answer and give it back to us. Such moments may have happened to you during your school days. I used to get fret on seeing those red lines and used to scold myself for not presenting the reply with proper submission.
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    My paternal uncle, who was later a professor, used to tell us that during their school days their master was correcting papers, essay notes etc., with green color ink and underline with red if mistakes found by him . There was a great competition among the students that to get a answer paper or essay notes without red color.
    Later all teachers are correcting with red ink and if mistakes found they underline that to notify that he or she has corrected the paper. Some teachers use to underline with red ink even a small spelling mistake found. This makes the students to get upset. During our high school times, the teacher gave the answer paper after correction and ask us to write the words underlined in red ink, ten times in a separate notebook. This is one way correct as the students will realize his/her mistake and avoid in future.

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    The teachers want that his pupils should be perfect in his expressions and no mistake should reflect anywhere while writing the contents. We should be thankful to our teachers for his efforts. However it is seen that their pupils would not like to see any red remark beneath his sentences. Instead of appreciating the teachers for his pains, they become upset for the mistakes committed by them. However the students should think that the teachers are their true guide to uplift their qualities. We have seen some teachers in our schools who insisted to write the correct spellings of each word where they have erred.

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    But instead of read marking teacher could have give chance for student to correct.
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    I think the teacher is bringing our mistakes to our notice by making them underlying the mistake with a red ink pen. It is the best way. It is not possible for a teacher to remember all the mistakes and explain personally them personally to each student about the mistakes. So when he is correcting, he will underline and write there the correct form also. When the student sees the answer sheets, he can easily identify the mistakes he has committed and he knows how to correct them also. Even they can ask the teacher if there is any doubt. One should not feel shy to see the red marks. The student should take the markings of the teacher as education to him/ her and he/she can correct accordingly.
    During my high school days, our teachers used to ask us to see the assignment books after their correction and explain what is the mistake we have committed there and how we can correct it. It will be useful not only to only one student but also to the other students in the class.

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    Teachers mark the mistakes or irrelevant answers with red as well as with red question marks which are a warning to the students to correct their ways so that next time they do not repeat the same mistakes. Students should take it in a positive way and should not get discouraged by it rather they should note down all the deficiencies in their answer sheets and work hard to correct them and improve their understanding about the subject matter and give better answers to the questions and avoid the red marks in their answer sheets. Ultimately it is for the betterment of the students only.
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    Teachers mark a portion of a sentence or a word with a red mark not because they need an extraordinary answer but because the answer is not correct/irrelevant. Teachers teach us and also correct our mistakes because it is the way we learn things. If mistakes are not pointed out in the beginning the mistakes will not be corrected and will remain mistakes only.

    Mohan Sir, I fail to understand your comment @#748879 about giving a chance to the student to correct instead of a red mark. The mistakes can only be corrected by pointing them out and the students are already getting the chance to correct themselves when they know their mistakes. What do you mean by giving them another chance? Do you think the teachers will tell the mistakes and instead of marking them with red, give them another chance to write the answers? Only students with nagging parents who always want children to score high marks and abuse them if they score poorly want the record straight without any remarks from their teacher. Nobody knows everything and making mistakes, in the beginning, is a way to learn things.


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