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    Harness the power of attention to invoke dedication

    We are having so much plans in hand to have best out come from our work to which the first most requirement is to have harness the power of attention to invoke dedication. Unless until we do not have the attention part on the particular task, we cannot get the dedication part as our mind is wavering and working on some other issues and not the allotted task. Why the accidents takes place on the road, though the driver is very much trained and having lots of vehicle training behind him and yet not having the attention and the dedication being lapse, he commits mistake on the road which gives rise to accident.
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    Attention and dedication are very important to be successful always. When we are driving a vehicle we should be attentive and we should dedicate our concentration fully on driving only. In such situations chances to make an accident are less. Similarly. whatever task we perform, we should focus on that task so that we can do justice and chances of being successful will enhance. Half-hearted attempts may not be successful. That is why people say your journey will be successful when you are on a single boat. If you keep one leg on one boat and another leg on another boat you may not be able to finish your journey safely.
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    Any project or task when done with focus and concentration then only the results would be favourable. The success and accuracy in execution is directly proportional to the efforts made. If attention is not there while doing a job then the result would be disastrous. A good working practice is like a meditation and one has to be involved in it fully. Then only we can reap the benefits of our hard work incurred in that task. Attention, focus, concentration, dedication, or any other word which is used to depict these attributes means only one thing tat one has to do the job with full seriousness and sincerity.
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