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    If we have the knack to enjoy success and failure, pinnacle moments cannot disrupt us

    Over the period of time we draw wisdom from the knowledge acquired and through the moving with peer group and also through the knowledge transferred from the elders, we gathered enough knack to enjoy success and go through failure with ease, and the pinnacle moments cannot disrupt us for any reason. That means we have been made very strong than before and we have become more determined and controlled with the situation what may come our way either the positive or adverse, we are ready to tackle anything and surpass the same with agility.
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    In the initial stages in ones career any failure or setback is a cause of worry and stress. A person who has just started his career cannot accept defeat in the beginning itself. It would hurt him and in many cases he feels humiliated by those failures. But life is like that and one learns from the past mistakes and failures which are then converted into the experience and once a person is experienced and seasoned then he can face these adversities in a normal way. Only the experience can manage to live with the viscissitudes in their lives. With the passage of time one learns as how to cope up with bad times and how to relish the good moments.
    Knowledge is power.

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    When a person faces more and more difficulties and comes out successful, he will become more stubborn and strong and can face any type of situation with confidence. He will never get back to face difficulties and they will enjoy the success so obtained with a lot of happiness. Then for them, life is not felt like a struggle. They will enjoy the success and they will not get disturbed in between for small or big setbacks as they know how to recapture success. At the same time, some people will have no chance to face difficulties in their early years of age because of their parental richness. Such people can't face difficulties easily. Some such people suffer a lot to face even small problems during their later years of life. That is why parents should see that their children will get the required mental strength so that they can face problems also.
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