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    How can the unemployment situation be tackled in our country?

    There is a very grave and severe situation of employment opportunities in our country. Everyone whether qualified or not is being advised to go for self employment of some kind. If there are some vacancies in Govt or private organisations then there are a large number of candidates applying for it and only a small part of that crowd gets absorbed against these positions. We are definitely going through a tough time. Further, in addition to all those problems, to avoid the trade unions or other unions many companies are preferring the automation in work and reducing the manpower in their workplaces. That is also creating less jobs in the industry. What in your opinion could be some measures to come out of this situation? What new things Govt can do to mitigate this gigantic problem? Any suggestions please?
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    This is a very well known problem and many a time the same subject has been discussed on this forum section and many members came out with some suggestions also, I remember.
    The present-day situation is not very encouraging for the unemployed and those who are looking for a job only. As a matter of fact, people should start thinking of starting their own business or service activity which will give them away to live and at the same time they can become employers and can employ some people as their employees. There is a lot of scope for starting a small business where we can earn sufficiently and there are banks and other financial institutions that will give loans under the initiatives announced by the government. Many big companies are going for outsourcing and we can try to take some such works so that we can earn and we can give chance to some other people also to earn.

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    Good thread from the author on the new years day and surely a new thought must emanate from each one of us as to how to have control over the unemployment and how the new jobs created. Now that the start ups are given the impetus and more encouragement as even banks comes forward to finance, the enthusiastic persons should keep in mind that those who are friends with them must be taken as employment and those who have the potential to do some business on own must start immediately and there should be radical change in thinking of those who are well qualified but should be ready to accept any job that come the way for time being arrangement. If these things are accepted and followed, surely the country would not have unemployment problems as each one would help other and tackle it.
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    There are some areas where there are scopes of making earnings for a living and one of such area that comes to my mind is home delivery of food and food products. This area is opening up with much demand and has good potential.
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    Unemployment problem in India is being studied since my college days, that is during 1974-77. The problem of Unemployment and Population Explosion, we have an important examination topics in our economic subject. Though we have crossed nearly fifty years, we have the problems as problems and yet to be solved means we are lacking in some level. It is to be analyzed by our economists with utmost care.
    Moreover, the problem of unemployment, in the present scenario, is not a major one as we worry. If you are seeing the newspapers - daily/weekly once, many vacancy announcements are coming. The vacancy filling is not fully utilized because of the following aspects:
    1.Educated aspirants who are intending to avail a job are fixing themselves the remuneration and waiting for a job till such quantum of remuneration.
    2. The candidates seeking employment only from the organisations as they planned and so waiting
    3.They are not qualifying themselves according to the job requirement but sticking on their present qualification and searching a job suitable to their qualification.
    4. Further they are not willing to get trained but want to select themselves as Manager or at the higher level
    5.They are Hesitating to apply for jobs available
    6.They are expecting jobs in the establishments or companies in and around their house.

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