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    Is it wrong to be emotional?

    Emotions will be there for humans only. Robots won't have any emotions. Being emotional may be considered a weakness by many. But I feel emotions show the bonding between you and the other persons. It also shows the bonding you have with your brain.

    Many of us think that strong persons will not express their emotions and only weak persons only will become emotional. But I feel it is not correct. Whether strong or weak all human beings will have some emotions. If they are trying to control their emotions and if they won't express their feelings openly they will get stressed and anxious that will tell upon their health. Instead of that if they express their emotions easily they will get relieved from that stress and they will have a free mind.

    So I never consider being emotional as a weakness. I like to know the views of other members.
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    All humans become emotional in some point of time in life.
    It is good to express happiness during happy time and feel sad when something makes you sad.
    When you vent out your feelings,you become free of stress and it is a positive sign.
    Therefore,being emotional is a plus sign.

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    Just now I had been to a relative house who died in the hospital and brought to the house for final journey and the body kept at the cellar for everyone to have last chance to see the gigantic person who helped others through good advice. Being the elderly person and death at 84 is normally happening, everyone was seen mourning silently but the maid servant broke down heavily and she was screaming with high voice and many started her to prevent noise. But the pandit who was overseeing the arrangements said that let the emotions be out and the dead person would also like to hear such crying that at least there was one person feeling the depart. So nicely explained and what the author has shared in this post rightly connected to the happening of morning. And we have no right to stop others emotions.
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    Is it normal for any human being to be emotional and it should not something that should be seen with negative eyes. In fact lack of emotion is something that we mostly fear. An emotional person is emotional because he/she can empathies and sympathies with others while lack of empathy in a human being often makes him/her hated by people around him. Due to social constructs emotions are often connoted with something of feminine in nature but we should remember that it is just a construct. Any one can be emotional, it is either being overemotional to the extent it begins to hamper our lifestyle or complete lack of emotion that is something to be avoided. We should not be shamed or feel ashamed of being emotional.
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    People might be able to suppress their emotions temporarily but they will always be there in the background and affecting our behaviour. We cannot isolate our behaviour from our emotions. They are an integral part of our nature and would remain engraved in our relations or communications with others. One of our senior officers who was the in charge of office was very strict and shrewd. We were always afraid of him as he always desired a high degree of discipline and obedience from us. He also demanded high quality work from us and was himself doing the jobs very efficiently and effectively. One day one of our colleague fell down on ground due to some severe pain in the stomach and before we could think what to do, the in charge came out from his room and managed to transfer the person immediately to the hospital and within no time the problem was resolved. We never thought that he was so kind and helping. Behind that hard shell there was a sentimental person.
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    It can be said completely that robots do not have emotion. Robot or any other machine which is an example of artificial intelligence is also not devoid of emotion. That is, having feelings in a human being is very common but a necessary fact. Only when we allow our emotions to flourish are we able to enjoy life. How can one live life by making stones, human life is a mixed form of emotion. Living on the surface of emotions does not mean that you keep your feelings flowing like an unregulated river, but maintaining the respect of feelings with control is the hallmark of being human.

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    Human beings are very much emotional but they have the capacity to suppress the same with their will powers. While doing any job, we need to restrain our emotions with the full concentration of the job we are doing. However it does not mean that we are not hurt with a bad remark hurled by someone. Since we are civilised and value for time we don't stretch the time unnecessarily in some loose talks. We have to be a lit bit of disciplined while concentrating on any job. Emotions are suppressed for the greater interest of the company where we are engaged. But the emotions would come out definitely time to time on occasions of birthday of our friends or any gracious occasions. It is a natural trait and we should not shy away from such emotions whenever needed. This is a great quality of the sensible person and it needs to expressed in the appropriate time.

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    No, it is not wrong unless being too emotional hampers our normal activities. Emotion is always a driving force and helps to carry out difficult tasks but while performing the tasks we should not be too emotional. Let me give a simple example of how emotion motivates us. You will find some people starting a shelter for homeless people, arranging community kitchens for the street children, educating the underprivileged children at many locations, etc. Those initiators may have shed tears at the beginning and thought of doing something for the people and because of which they have started such things and there are also others whom you will find clueless about the situation and continuously shedding tears for the people who are underprivileged. Both are emotional but work in a different way. One is clueless but the other channelised the emotion in a way to help others. Being emotional is required and controlling the emotion is also essential.

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