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    When you are interested in feedback then be ready to feed-forward

    Surely most of us are in writing mode and being the writer we all yearn for feedback from the readers, no matter it is a appreciation , suggestion to improve or even rave comments. When we receive the feedback that itself proves that our contents are readable and we made an impact on them. Not that the feedback is most important to our survival as the writer, but the very intention to have a pat from others would always give a pep moment to perform better. And also take the suggestions and complaints into your stride. When you are interested in feedback then be ready to feed-forward
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    Feedback is necessary for us for our improvement. If somebody tells us how we have performed and where we have to improve, that will be a piece of good information for us and we can use that information for improving. But some people without understanding the issue correctly start giving their opinions which may not be useful for us.
    A teacher will see the answer written by the student and tell the student what are the mistakes he observed. This feedback will be useful to the student for improving his performance. Similarly, when we write something, somebody reads and tells us their opinion, we will know our faults and areas of improvement. That is why one should help others by giving proper feedback on their performance so that they can get a chance to make their work much better.

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