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    During discussions never indulge with emotional interference

    During gatherings at a function or events surely we meet the relatives and friends and exchange pleasantries over many issues and some times we get emotional while others ask some tricky questions to which we do not want to answer in public and yet when they persists to reveal we do share with emotional breakdown. What we are more worried that our challenging situations which are supposed to be secret all these days would be made known to all. Therefore, during discussions never indulge with emotional interference and let the people ask what they want.
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    While we discuss, communicate, and talk various matters with other people in a group we should have a control on our emotions and sentiments and should never reveal them. Unfortunately many times it happens that at some threshold which varies from individual to individual a persons breaks and starts talking under the influence of the emotions and sentiments and then the problem starts as the person eventually becomes weak and slow in his responses. We should keep the rationality and logic at the top of our discussions and should not lose them in between to succumb to the emotional breakdown.
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    Sometimes when the discussion goes emotional the end result will not be as expected. If we are emotional we can't discuss the subject openly. Sometimes we take some remarks made by the other people personally and we get angry or sorrowful and that will make us not to express our views openly. That is why the first point one should understand is that the remarks are not aimed at an individual but are about the issue that is about the discussion is taking place.
    But sometimes some of the participants intentionally try some cheap technics to make the other persons emotional and that will help them to go ahead with their own agenda. That is why people who are not emotional will come out successful in such situations.
    When we are under the influence of some emotions we can't think about the subject correctly and we can't put our points properly for the attention of the others. So let us not be emotional when some important issues are being discussed.

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    While discussing any issue such as the technical one related to the plant or otherwise, we should proceed the different aspects related to these and not any point of time, we should be emotional to the extent that might cause confrontation with the colleagues or boss. That would reflect the weak part of our personality. If needed, a caution is needed enlisting the relevant points to be discussed during the conversation. However, we should pay attention to the proceedings of other members as well and examine the authenticity of their points. These points might be included wherever needed. At the same time, you have to turn the table in your favour if the discussion goes beyond the point mostly counterattacks. You need to be firm without showing your emotional outbursts and repeat the points needed for the discussion. This will reflect your maturity and definitely such utterances would have the favourable impact in the long run.

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    A very interesting thread has been presented by the author, in fact, we should not bring our feelings during discussions but in most cases, we find that people change the form of discussion by including emotions, and many times such unnecessary controversy is also generated. The discussion may be related to any subject, but it has to be related to our daily life or normal life and hence people become emotionally in it which actually should not. In fact, we can find the same situation in our forum section too.

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    Agree with the author. One should always be in discussion rather than the tone or indulging in the personal comment, sentence, or feeling. This sometimes spoils the relations and also creates a scene during the discussion. Rather talk softly and gently. Everyone has their own views and we should respect them. We cannot behave in a totally egoistic way.
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