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    What are the 10 significant instructing methodologies?

    A showing methodology is the technique you use to pass on data to your understudies.

    There might be a specific procedure that functions admirably with your gathering of understudies one year that won't work with your understudies the following year. Along these lines, it's essential to have heaps of showing procedures in your tool kit.

    Here are a portion of the top 10 thoughts for you to utilize.

    1. Displaying.

    2. Tending to Mistakes.

    3. Giving Feedback.

    4. Agreeable Learning.

    5. Experiential Learning.

    6. Understudy Led Classroom.

    7. Class Discussion.

    8. Request Guided Instruction.

    9. Illustration Objective Transparency.

    10. Realistic Organizers.
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    Abhijit, welcome to this educational portal known as ISC and your post itself shows that you have many things to share here and hopefully you will stay here for a long time contributing your bit. Please go through the policies of this site and general rules and regulations so that you will have a smooth ride here learning as well earning in due course of time. For example in this site it is expected that members will not use all caps in their names. So please take care and correct accordingly. There are many sections here and you can definitely go through them and choose those where you have potential to contribute. I warmly welcome you to this site and hope that you share here your knowledge and in turn also get learnings and creative experience from this portal. All the best.
    Coming back to your post I could not make out as what is your main idea behind the content given by you in the post. Do you mean to say that in our absence if someone is functioning taking charge of our position then how he has to manage or something like that? If you make it a bit more clear then I would be happy to give my views and opinions on the issue. Of course other members will also be joining the thread soon.

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    Welcome, Abhijit. You are here on a good site that will allow you to learn as well as earn. I wish you will make good contributions to this site that will be useful to other members. Anyhow it is good if you go through the help topics that will help you in understanding more about the site and you can also know all the dos and don'ts of this site. In addition to that please read some important threads that are pinned and at the top of the index of the thread. They will also be useful to you to know more about the site.

    Coming to the topic you have posted, what I make out of it is when we want to instruct the people who are studying or working under us we have to use some procedure and the procedure may be different from one gathering to another gathering. There are many methods that can be followed based on the type of gathering and their level of understanding.

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