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    Let us not be blind to hate speech please

    It is a matter of shame that some hardcore elements who preach a particular philosophy, have started to voice their opinions in the name of hatred towards members of a particular religion. This is absolutely atrocious and has to be condemned by every sane Indian. Unless we, the people of India, raise our voices against such hate speeches, we will even have a civil war, with disastrous consequences.

    Such people are totally blind to the fact that the entire Gulf is now concerned. The UAE in particular, has too millions of Indians, particularly Hindus, making their bread and butter from the salaries that they earn from the region, which is dominated by the same community that is now the target of attack in India. The hardcore elements who spread hatred in India, are as guilty as the hardcore terrorists of the world.

    India is democracy and we just cannot allow such hate speeches to go unnoticed. The entire economy of Kerala depends on the Gulf remittances. We have significant money flowing into other States like AP and Tamil Nadu, from the same region. The Prime Minister hugs the Pope and tries to convey a message. But within the next few days, radical elements within his party, spread the worst sort of communal hatred when they start accusing the Church and members of the Christian religion.

    If there are some faults with any religion, only dialogue and debate can solve such faults. Not hate speeches. One only hopes that the Prime Minister will at least speak up against the dangerous trends now.
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    A nice thread by the author. A hate speech is definitely a bad thing whether A makes it about B or vice versa. There is a provision in the law that those who make hate speeches and instigate the public should be arrested and recently some arrests have also been made. In our country we have so many religions and societies that we cannot afford any type of hate speech or instigation in the name of culture, religion, or sect. If anyone does that then it is illegal and the person has to be punished. A good governance is required to nab the people who are making hate speeches across the country.
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    Now there has been fixed notion on many that there has been communal hatred from the ruling party towards other communities but that is not. In fact every religion is getting due respect and regard in this governance. If the Prime Minister hugged the Pope , that was the goodwill gesture to take along and seek his blessings on many issues and being the head of a community there is nothing wrong to seek his blessings. And if someone has done hate speech later, it does not mean that PM has instigated it. BJP is the vast party with Hinduvta plank, and who ever acts or does anything against the Hindus would be dealt with for sure. And by the way why there must be forced overtures from other communities towards Hindus as they know we are multiplying and feel insecurity but in reality the minorities are taken care of well
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    I completely agree with the authors sentiments here and have been raising few such threads from many days, Although right wing is at rise all over the world and it is not something of new phenomenon. As hardliners gain the power such things happen, but the rate at which it is happening in a country like India with such diverse population of various ethnicity, religions and faiths it is really alarming. I have also come across many such videos where Christians are being questioned for celebrating their festivals and the ways in which they are living . It is such a shameful thing to do. I guess sane and rational people should come out and speak for the people around against such things, even if one is from a religion of majority one should be able to confront whatever wrong happening around you on the name of religion.
    People who understands a religion and faith will never fall for such traps of hardliners causing hatred against others and such rational spiritual beings should come at the fore to speak against such bigotries within the religion.

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    According to the news reports, an event by the name 'Dharma Sansad' was held during 17-19 December, 2021 at Haridwar in Uttarakhand by some Hindu religious leaders. In that event, some of the speakers made inflammatory speeches against the minority communities and also called for the killing of the Muslims and other members of the minority communities. This sansad was organised by Yati Narasighanand. He made hate speeches earlier also which did not attract any action and comments by the ruling party. The silence of the ruling party is not understandable as the matter is very serious. Statements from the Prime Minister and Home Minister are expected in a matter like this and both of them maintained silence so far.

    The Swamijis of Akhadas formed a core committee consisting of 21 leaders for armed struggle against the Muslims according to the news reports. This sort of situation leads to law and order problems in the country. Seventy six practicing lawyers of the Supreme Court wrote to the Chief Justice of India for urgent judicial intervention in this matter. Five Ex-Chiefs of the Armed Forces and many other prominent people wrote to the President of India and the Prime Minister of India regarding the hate speeches and to take immediate action in this matter.
    The Hindu religious leaders doing harm to Hinduism by such speeches. The entire world is watching their speeches. Hinduism never preaches intolerance against other religions. Hindus are spread all over the world in countries that are Christian and Muslim. Such speeches do not help them.

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    Such hate speeches made by any person against any religion should not be encouraged. Such actions will lead to law and order problems. India is a secular country and all people of this country can go with any religion they like and nobody should take objection to that. Some people try to force people from one religion to another religion by showing some incentives etc and that is where all the problems are starting. Hindus are going anywhere and everywhere and making a living there. There are some countries where Hindus are not treated as equal to their official religion. But that is their policy and we need not go with their policies.
    I think politics and religion should be separated. We should not have any mention of religion anywhere and that should not be a basis for any job or education and any other favour. All should be treated equally. Then only these problems will get sorted out. Otherwise, politicians use this to split people and gain some advantage. People who are trying to raise communal or religious disputes should be punished. Then only we will have a better society.

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