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    How about tracing school classmates through Facebook?

    There is a lovely trend to catch up with friends after 30 0r 35 years through Facebook. A common thread that runs through such exercises is the urge to stay in touch with the same classmates in one way or the other and even help each other to the extent possible, if need be.

    This is a good trend. Facebook has too many good features and this is one of them. It is superb to catch up with someone who studied with us decades ago. They would have too many life experiences to share and they would be really willing to go the extra mile in relating to us. There are many cases where even weddings have happened after the reunion has taken place, between children of old friends.

    YouTube often carries good experiences of such people, spread throughout the world. In some cases, they have donated a good amount to completely redo their old Government school and also provide the basic minimum facilities. In some cases, even computers have been donated.

    Let these healthy trends continue for a more healthy society to stay together, for ever.
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    Some social media platforms provide very good facility in this regard and one can trace one's schoolmates or colleagues or even relatives with whom one is not in touch for quite some time. Communicating with old pals is a great feeling as it rekindles the old glorious memories of childhood and college times filled with so many interesting episodes. These platforms use advanced practices for tracking and tracing the people through the well developed search algorithms in a fast pace and the user is simply astonished with the results. So, one can even build up a group of the people belonging to same school or college or even class and then communicate with each other in that virtual world without physically moving here and there. Internet and software applications have revolutionised the way we were communicating and talking to our friends and other people with whom we have a relationship. Video conferencing and other such facilities have made the world a small place and there are so many platforms where we can manage and arrange the meet for casual chit chat or serious fund raising or campaign for helping the society or some poor or needy people.
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    It is easy to trace the friends on the Facebook for which there are certain rules to be followed. That hoist your real profile photo with the real name and also mention the details about your schooling, the best friends of that time and your lovely moments of the school life. I am sure those who are scattered and staying elsewhere in India and abroad would go through the Facebook and come forward to contact. If possible please hoist photos of those days or certificates that have been awarded and post stories on how you have been confronting with friends for no reason and stopped talking for silly reasons. I am sure, getting and tracing the school classmates can be possible if the above tips are followed. One thing is sure, the childhood is very precious for everyone and we immediately get connected to those days when we meet friends.
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    Yes. Facebook is a very good platform to get in touch with many of our old friends and distant relatives. One of my classmates in school was settled in the USA and he is a very famous doctor there. Oneday I received a friend request from him and I immediately accepted. That is how we both came in contact after almost 40 years. We both were very happy and now we talk sometimes based on our convenience. WhatsApp is helping us to talk to him sometimes. Oneday I received a call from my father's cousin brother who is almost of my age. He has seen my profile and contacted me through messenger. We met personally almost 45 years back and now we are in regular touch. That way the social media is helping a lot and we are getting a chance to meet and talk to our old friends. But there are people who misuse this media and try to deceive the people. So one should be very careful before giving our details to others without verifying the facts.
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