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    While learning don't judge the teacher

    While learning don't judge the teacher, yes what I am saying is right. When we send our child to a school, not because of the school name, or someone has recommended it for being the good school to the starters but we must have the faith in teachers who is imparting classes and we have no right to judge the competency of those who are teaching because, we cannot do so within the stop gap of few days. The teaching , the teaching method may be different than other schools and other teachers, and merely for that reason we cannot find fault with the teacher and the school at large.
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    As a parent, I have every right to judge the teacher and if I feel he/she is good then only I will send my wards to him/ her for learning. But as a student, it is not correct to judge the abilities of the teacher who is teaching us.
    When we select a school for our children we see how are the results of that school in the previous year and how is the feedback from the parents of the students who are already studying in the school. That means we are asking the opinion of the parents on the teachers of that school and nothing wrong with that.
    But a student should not criticise the teacher and his subject knowledge. The person who tries to analyse another person should have the knowledge and ability. A student may not have that. But the parents of the students may have a piece of better knowledge and understanding about some of the subjects and they may be able to judge the teacher.

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    It is possible that parents might have to judge a teacher if there are reasons to check it from their levels but for a student judging the teacher does not make a sense. The student is at the receiving end and has to concentrate in what the teacher is telling and not whether he is telling it correctly or not. Teachers come well prepared for teaching and we must have faith in them and in their ways of teaching.
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