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    Are we confronting split attention ?

    On daily basis we are doing multi tasking at the home and even at the office and with the state of divided attention on varied works and our fixation of mind on unwanted work would certainly disturb us from delivering the task to the hilt. And we know that since the attention on the present task is not forthcoming the results would be negative and not to the asking level and we are worried lot. And this behavior has vast effect on the present task and the future ones which are in pipe line. So we need to be very focused on what we are doing first until finish the same. Are we confronting split attention ?
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    Yes, in this era of overload of information in our palms our attention span is getting reduced day by day. We are becoming impatient and are unable to focus on things for more than few minutes and at sometime even for few seconds. Technology has made everything so simple that it is becoming harder for human beings to put efforts and we want everything to happen in milliseconds and thus often loose interest if it takes more time. Meditation and sometime away from smartphones and gadgets can be a remedy for short attention span and more focused lifestyle. We should try to do a single task better rather than focusing on multi tasking.
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    This is also a very well discussed subject many times here in different ways and in different threads. There is no doubt that we should concentrate and focus on the subject of what we are learning or on the task that we are attempting. Otherwise, our attempts may go wrong and the end result may not be in the lines of our expectations. Focus on achieving the aimed goal is very much required to attain the goal. Aiming at something and starting thinking about something different may not give you a chance to attain the goal in the time period you have assigned for the same.
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    Human beings are ambidextrous in working and split attention would always be there while performing an action. For concentration and focus this would be a detrimental thing but it is there and would interfere with our progress in the work in hand. One can try to keep one's mind concentrated to the job in hand but in real life situation that is highly impossible to do that. We are not robots and we are sensitive human beings and that is the difference that makes our mind to go here and there even executing the most serious and difficult task in our workplace or working site. Most of the accidents happen during this splitting of the attention to our work.
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