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    Do you also believe in this myth of new year?

    We are often told that what we do on the first day of a year that will keep happening to us through out the year so do good and act good. It is outright funny in some cases if this myth becomes reality, but many people believe it.
    For example- People are asked to take bath on the new year because if they don't take shower on the first day they will end up procrastinating whole year.
    They are asked to wake up early because if they sleep for more hours on the new years day they will keep repeating the same routine throughout the year.
    Although I sometime think it is just a trick used by parents to force moral and values in children and create fear. What is your take on this myth? Do you believe such myth or do you have any other version or story or myth woven around the new year's eve?
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    These are all sentiments. These are used to bring in discipline in the people. In the olden days, children used to go by what their elders told and there is no questioning as the exposure of the children is less during those days. But slowly the exposure of the children increased due to various developments that took place in technology. So children started looking at these customs in a different way.
    It is not that if we don't eat on the first day of the year, the whole year will go without food for us. But if we spend happily on the first day, people feel that the whole year will go with happiness, is the belief people have. There is a saying that a good beginning will ensure a smooth sail and the end result will be good only.
    Generally, a day that passes happily is a special day and we all want everyday to be a special day for all of us.

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    I have not heard any such thing about the new calendar year. Such myths are there for our regional calendar year
    Ugadi. In our childhood days, we used to follow them but not now. Such myths are useful to see that children follow certain beliefs propagated by their parents or elders. They inculcate certain good habits.

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    These things are told just to motivate and encourage the people so that they might adhere to the good practices not only on the first day but also after that everyday during the year. In some cases it works but after a few days the people come back to their old habits and forget about the resolutions. Before understanding this myth we must understand that different people have different new year depending on their community though english calendar is adopted worldwide and many people think that their new year falls on 1st January every year. So the question comes as to on which day one should start these good practices? On their own new year day or the global new year day that is 1st January. Once that is resolved then only it has some merit. When people have no faith in that day itself what is the use of taking resolutions on that day and then hoping that the concerned person would be following them.
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    While we may not believe all the silly things and reasons being told as to how to behave and have the new year to begin with, it all depends on our faith and following. But what I feel that when a new year has began, for us everything should be new, a new beginning at the right earnest, start the day with freshness, pray to the God, seek blessings for the whole year to be good, greet the elders to be with you for kind advice and greet others and share pleasantries. Surely these are the positive attitude to keep yourself with self confidence to tackle new challenges ahead. Some say only the date has changed and nothing new. But even that change is to be taken as positive one and mingle with others to be happy. I had the darshan of Lord Lakshmi Narayan on the new years day and sought blessings for the family.
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    When I was a little girl, my parents used to tell me every time on the new year that if you study a lot, then you will have studied well throughout the year. By the way, there is no such myth as everyone knows it is only spoken so that you do good deeds on a particular day. Something similar is said on the special occasion of the birthday, but as we know, date or time, etc. have been made only for our convenience, they have nothing to do with the success, failure, happiness, or troubles of life. The only thing that is true is that if you do every action of today, then tomorrow you will get its result pleasant, no matter what day it is done.

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    I don't think it's a myth. There is a popular saying that morning shows the day and this is just another interpretation of the same thing. Whatever you do, if the start is good then it will give you more energy to progress further. If there is a hindrance in the beginning then some time will be spent to remove the obstacles which may break the concentration to carry on the job. As said by many members in their replies, this can be thought of as a tool to enforce good manners and discipline in people.

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