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    New year hype and tragic deaths at Vaishno Devi stampede

    We all know that at least 12 or more pilgrims gone to have the darshan at Vaishno Devi mata temple died due to stampede and it all happened so sudden as the rush was not expected and every pilgrim wants the New year celebration with praying to Goddess and this hype has made compulsion for many to visit the temple and have first darshan on new year and that resulted in stampede and tragic deaths people. The crowd behavior need to be blamed as the eagerness to see the God first has created the worst tragedy. Next time the crowd management has to be done for sure.
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    Many people in our country go to the temple on the first day of the new year. A new year means new hope for many. People live on hope. They always hope that a new day brings something new. New year's day also brings them new hope. They visit the temple to offer prayers and seek blessings for better days. On New Year's day, the crowd at Vaishno Devi Temple was more and a stampede occurred and some people died. Probably the crowd management was not good or unexpectedly the stampede happened. Stampedes at temples are not new. The temple administration needs to take proper precautions to see that such incidents do not occur in the future.
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    This is indeed a sad incident, it is not a new thing when it has happened, very often we get the news of such incidents where many lives are lost due to stampedes among the devotees in religious places. The biggest surprise is that even after such incidents people have not got any lessons. Even after so many bad incidents, people go to such places at a time when the atmosphere is already crowded. Another important point concerned with the management, when such incidence takes place every time then management should work strictly to reduce them.

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    When the crowd was expected, orderly queue should have maintained.
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    It is really a sad happening. On the first day of the new year, so many people lost their lives. All of them went to have a Darshan of Goddess but last their lives.
    There are two factors to look at. The first one is the temple administration's preparedness in controlling the pilgrims on this special day. When they are expecting a much bigger crowd, the administration might have made elaborate arrangements to manage the crowd and see that all the pilgrims will have a good Darshan of the Goddess there.
    The second point is the behaviour of the people who went there. One should take care of themselves. They should understand the importance of their lives. Why they should rush in when such a big crowd is there? if we are alive, we can have the darshan the next day. So we should give more importance to life than rushing ourselves into the crowd. ygreardYour life is more important for you than anybody else.

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    It is a sad incident. Worldwide people flock to their religious places and there had been similar cases of stampedes where many had lost their lives and many got injured. Crowd management and releasing limited number of people at a time would only be a possible solution. People having faith will never agree not to visit these places of their interest and liking so we have to look to other alternatives and option of managing the crowd.
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