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    Is India a sexually repressed nation?

    The terms sex is still a taboo and sex education is something that would tempt people to change the topic but in a country where a large proportion of world's population thrives, it becomes highly apparent that what we can't discuss manifests in other ways. Unprotected sex, assaults, marital disputes, prostitution and porn consumption. Right from the point we hit puberty we are made to repress then channelize our anthropological and evolutionary attributes. The biological differences and the law of attraction if are not being taught in more holisitic manner, we are not doing any good to the society especially our young ones. Because sooner or latter in this world of hierarchy the bottom ones would destabilise the safety irrespective of gender. Of course we can channelise the energy within the boundaries of our cultural norms but first we have to destimgatise it rather than leaving it barely at the hands of stakeholders. The millions of years have wired us in certain fashion and it cannot be changed at one go but if repressed then chances are more of getting vulnerable in unexpected events.
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    It is true that in a discussion if someone utters the term sex then some people may look at the person in a different way, some may chuckle and others may hesitate to take forward the discussion. It is because of how we associated ourselves with the term sex since our childhood. Some time ago there was a talk about introducing sex education in schools, later authorities found the name 'sex education' inappropriate and changed it to lifestyle education. I have heard there was a proposal to modify the contents of the subject but do not know what happened later on. In every aspect, the problem occurs when you do not have clarity. In many cases, children do not know whom to ask questions related to sex and go on searching on the internet for their queries where they become even more confused because of misinformation. During puberty, the interest in sex begins which is quite natural and there must be someone who can discuss the issues related to sex freely with children. Many parents shy away from initiating a discussion and some teachers also do the same thing. In many cases, especially in villages, children are told not to talk about such things openly and they try to discuss sex in a hush-hush manner. Educating children on sex is one of the most important things to control the population which I think is missing in our country and rightly pointed out by the author in this thread.

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    I feel India is not poised to the level of learning about sex education and after effects for girl child once attained puberty. I blame the mothers in this regard who has the knowledge of the same and yet could not convey the dangers that is lurking at the fate of young child who is in the process of adulthood. In the villages the elders would not allow boys and girls to mingle and play and would say that the ear would tear off if both boys and girls of same age would play. That means the elders have not pointed out the real bad happening and instead took to warning level and that worked well to keep the children away. However the modern girls and boys would never heed to elders advice nor care the grand parents and in that case they have to draw the conclusions through the education they have been taught on sex education.
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    Yes, the Author is correct. Children are forced to ask questions as they grow older, especially as they enter adolescence, and notice changes in their bodies.
    Indian parents rarely take the initiative to talk about their children's sexual and reproductive health. Also, it is only addressed in schools.
    Thus, partly because of this, a clear majority of adolescents and adults have numerous misconceptions and misconceptions about sex and related diseases.
    In India, adolescents, as well as adults, need time to learn sex, especially in rural and underdeveloped areas.
    Misconceptions about sexuality and communication are not only detrimental to the well-being and development of adolescents but also put many at risk of disease.
    Moreover, the lack of sex education is now being replaced in the age of the pornographic internet which leads to horrible consequences.

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    Sex education is very necessary in the early age itself but only problem is the cultural and traditional resistance and briefs that are still there in a big way in the society and there are many people who would not like the idea of the sex education in an early age. So, there will be a conflict and confrontation type of situation and whenever sex education and awareness is introduced in the schools or other such places criticism would be emerging in the society within the parents groups. Anyway, to avoid the uglier side of sexual assaults and offences, it is necessary that we have to come out of our traditional bindings in this regard.
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    When we give a bag to a boy and say him not to open it, till instructed, the boy will get more and more interested in knowing what is there inside and try various means and ways to see the inside of the bag. But if we allow him to open it and see, he will understand that there is nothing inside the bag and he will not have any unnecessary anxiety to know about it. The same is the case with sex education also. In Indian society, children are prohibited to talk or know about Sex. This is the starting point for them to think about sex. Once they try to know the same secretly, they will start getting attracted towards the same.
    So as mentioned by the author, there should be a beginning. We can't start in a big way at once. But slowly the same should be introduced in a phased manner so that the apprehensions about sex will go down by the time they grow up and they understand the issue in a better way. I hope this may bring in more discipline among the youth.

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    I completely agree with the thread and concern raised by the author here, the fact that their is no open platform for Indians to discuss these topics and even mention of the word "sex" is considered taboo. Thus the outcomes heinous crimes which were always in the Indian society but hushed down by the elders by relating to the honor of the girls or in case the victim is boy it is related to pride giving free pass to such criminals to roam in the society. But now as people are getting educated they are understanding the stigma should not be associated with the victim but the criminal and thus cases are coming at the forefront of the society. But instead of understanding the deep rooted problem of lack of sex education and a proper avenue for the interaction of girls and boys. People often wants compartmentalization of gender into separate boxes and stay that way and one day suddenly be ready to marry. This is the problem of our society. And people instead of seeing the cause blames the modernization and westernization.
    Even in one of the comment here this misconception is clear where Mr. K. Mohan has blamed mothers for the problem for not providing proper education and again have tried to put the blame on the woman instead of the mentality of the society and lack of awareness.

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