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    Cash payment for the month of November.


    I had filled the payment invoice on 11th December but till now I have not received the cash payment. By the way, I am not questioning ISC cause I have full faith in ISC and I understand that sometimes there can be delays in payment, so I waited almost the whole month of December, but now I feel that I should inform about it. Please let me know about further steps.

    Thank you
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    Normally we receive the payments through bank after uploading of invoice by 2nd of the month within 8th of the same month. But there has been some delay in the recent months. I normally load the invoice on the same day of payment announcement and invariably getting to bank account by 15th of the month. This time I had also uploaded the invoice on 2nd Dec and got payment only on 22nd December. And in your case you have uploaded the invoice on 11th December, and probably webmaster Timmy does the transactions in one go and not through piece by piece receipt of invoice. May be you will get delayed payment with other members who might have also uploaded the invoice late. But never mind, the site is very transparent on payments and you can give a personal reminder from your profile page for action.
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    Already in one of the posts our Managing Editor, Vandana, mentioned that the payments for the month of November will be delayed due to some reasons and she advised the members to be patient. As mentioned by Mohan I have also received the payment around 22nd only. I have uploaded my invoice on the 2nd of December 2021. You mentioned that you have uploaded the invoice on the 11th of December 2021. So the same may be processed within some days and you may get the payment anytime. Anyhow you can raise a query on the page where you have uploaded your invoice so that the webmaster will directly see the same and take necessary action.
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    My November month payment is also pending yet. I raised the invoice on 18.12.2021. I request you to please release my payment.

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    As Vandana ma'am said it is ok to raise the issue of payment if it takes more than 15 days so I guess you should not hesitate from raising such issues. It also gives other members to discuss as well if they are facing the same issue.
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    Instead of raising issue here the respective members can send a personal message through their profile page, to our webmaster Timmy so that necessary action be taken.
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    Sometimes it is possible that the payment may be delayed for sometime and one has to make a request for it. I will like to advise all the members in this regard that for reminding for their payments it would be better to request in the same page where they have uploaded the invoice. They have to simply write one line in the same box which they used earlier for updating their invoices. By doing that it will directly go to the notice of webmaster and the issue will be settled quickly. I have used that facility a few times. It would be better if we give a request in that page in the text box provided.
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    Swati, sorry for the late response. Please confirm whether you have received the payment now.

    Dr Deepali, you are also requested to check and confirm. And, please note that it is always better to raise a separate thread regarding such issues so that editors do not miss out your point.

    Hope both of you had sent a reminder to Timmy sir through the update facility provided in the invoice.

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    Ganesh Sir,

    Thank you for your response, no I haven't received the payment yet.
    Also, I haven't sent any reminder to Timmy sir yet, just informed through this thread.

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    Swati and Deepali, your issue has been put up to the admin for necessary action.

    Please make it a point to raise your invoices within ten days of cash payment announcement and also do send a reminder to Timmy sir through the update facility if you do not receive the payment within 10 to 15 days. Delay in submitting the invoice and waiting for so long to send a reminder will create hassles for the admin which we need to avoid.

    Wait for a response.

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    @Saji Ganesh,

    It is to confirm that the payment of both the months (November and December 2021) was received on 12 Jan 2022.

    Further, I want to inform you that I always use the update facility to communicate with the Webmaster in case of non-receipt of payment. That's why I didn't feel it is required to raise a separate thread for this particular reason. Because in the past two years, the payment got delayed hardly 2-3 times only.

    But I will take care of it and raise a separate thread henceforth as per your advice.

    Thanks for resolving the issue.

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    Deepali, having posted an issue on the 3rd, I feel you should have posted another response confirming the receipt of payment earlier. Anyways, glad that your problem has been resolved.
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    Transaction Details
    Transaction Status:Success
    Reference ID:91684615
    NEFT/RTGS Reference No:FDRLH22019744709
    Transaction Type:Transfer To Other Bank Accounts
    Initiator Account Name:TIMMY M JOHN
    Initiator Account Id:15XXXXXXXXXX41
    Frequency Type:One Time
    Transaction Date(dd-MM-yyyy):19-01-2022
    Beneficiary Type:Personal Payees
    Beneficiary Nickname:SwatiSharma
    Beneficiary Account Number:20XXXXXXXX4
    Beneficiary Bank Name:BANK OF MAHARASHTRA
    Beneficiary Branch:MANDLA
    Beneficiary Bank Identifier:MAHB0000788
    Transaction Amount:INR 1,300.00
    Remark:November 2021 Payment

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    Payment Received today, Thank you!

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