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    Extra security also becomes a problem sometimes.

    A few days ago, I had gone to the house of a relative, who lived in a society, in that society, the facility of locking the doors on all the houses was very good. There were a total of four options to lock the main door, which they used to put four locks before sleeping, otherwise, only one lock would work in the day.

    There was an incident that scared everyone, two children in a family accidentally locked themselves inside the house by putting all the locks, this happened when their parents went down to sending off their guests. When they found the door locked, they got scared because there was only one lock that opened from the key, the rest of the locks could be opened from inside, and in this panic, he started trying to open the door fast. Hearing such voices, the children also started getting scared inside and started crying.

    Hearing all this noise, all we neighbors came out, we tried to tackle the parents and made them calm and then called a person who could break the door lock. All this took about one hour as the situation had become very dire. One of those children was 6 years old and the other was 4 years old. Finally, when the door opened we all feel relaxed. Caution is very important in such incidents, it should not happen that the extra security should land you in trouble inside the house.
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    You are absolutely right in the present scenario where people try to safeguard themselves or from any costly materialist stuff. The incident that you describe, teaches us to know how much difficult for us to get rid of such incidents. There should be an alternate solution for such kind of situation. We normally give one set of keys to our relative residing in our society. So, this is our backup plan. If in the future, a similar situation arises or we lost the keys, we can get keys from the relative to whom we have given keys to our home. We should trust people. Hope everyone who reads this thread responds, must have a backup plan for a similar situation.
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    What the author shared was very unusual situation where in extra and very extra precautions are being given provision for the safety of the dwellers and that is very good. But what is the way out in terms of emergency was not specified and therefore taking extra security is also dangerous as narrated by the author. Even in the railway compartment one window does not have the customary rods and its open to facilitate jumping of passengers in case of fire or emergency. But when the same widow becomes jam and would not open due to rust or non functioning of window shutters the very purpose is defeated. So either extra security or nil security is also the problem for those in times of emergency. At least one door must have clean access to the flat from the down stair or the neighbor, so that such kind of problems could be solved.
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    Sometimes these incidents will happen and people will get panic. Once we, our family members went out and only my brother who was staying with us was in the house. We told him to lock from inside and we carried the key with us and told him not to lock the other two locks which can be locked from inside. We have finished our work and came back at about 1 AM. My brother was sleeping inside and I opened the lock but the door is not getting opened as my brother locked the other two locks also. We started knocking on the door. We can't make much noise as it is midnight and all the people will be sleeping. We continued calling and knocking on the door and finally, after an hour my brother woke up and opened the door.
    As expressed by the author, sometimes the extra precautions we take will create trouble for us. But they are very important keeping the safety and security aspects in view. So we have to carry on. We can't have any solution which is 100% failproof.

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    Due to the fear of the evil elements in the society nowadays ousting societies are providing too mud security to the residents and in having that such incidents might take place. Another thing is the automatic lock feature where the lock will get locked when door is closed and then key would be required to open it. Earlier we used simple locks and used the key for locking also and the risk of leaving the key inside was not there. More we use automated gadgets more difficulties and situations we might encounter in our daily lives. Minimum amount of security is essential but having so many safety and security measures might not be required in each case.
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    Security is very important for us as India is a polarized country where there are very rich people with plenty of money and valuables . However, there are very poor people who do not have much money. So, to make some quick bucks some steal from houses . Therefore, people have become extra cautious to secure their belongings. By doing so, they invite trouble to themselves which ends up in chaos.
    Taking about parents, we find helicopter parents who get panicky at the drop of their hats when it comes to situation related to their kids and get paranoid under difficult situation as mentioned by the author. They need to be pacified by their neighbors and counselled .

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