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    When do we follow the rules and regulations?

    We have discussed a lot about rule-breakers and tried to find out why people do not follow rules or restrictions. People will find out reasons and excuses on why they didn't follow rules and regulations in place but let's explore when people really follow the rules and regulations. Not everyone breaks the rule though in some cases, the majority may break the rule. Many will say that we need to have a concern about others and that will help us to follow the rules or restrictions in place at least for the sake of others. This is true to some extent but when really do we show our concern towards our fellow beings? If you are not allowed to do something in any way you cannot do it for sure but other than the external force if there is something that prevents you from breaking the rules it is the concern for your own safety and security. If you do not have the concern for your own safety and security most probably you will not care for others and will fearlessly try to break the rules. At least people have to be concerned about themselves and then only they will become cautious.
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    Not following the rules and regulations only leads to problem everywhere. We forcefully accept to follow the rules and regulations in our office or in the roads but neglect to follow the rules and regulations in temples and our own houses. Similar to offices and public places, there are some rules and regulations in houses also. The rules will normally vary from one office to another, similarly the rules and practices varies from one house to another. If we do not honor such regulations the chaos or problems get raised. Mother-in-law, sister-in-law problem raised in many houses are due to this negligence as the daughter in law insists her house practice in the mother in law's house or not following mother in law house regulations, but they are in speech with proud they are telling the regulations of their own office or house.

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    I do not agree with the author that the majority would break the rules and those who are educated and most concerned over their prestige and position in the society are the rule followers and not rule breakers. The other day I was going on the scooter and the elder person beside me was driving a car slowly and people behind him are honking. Even I was also annoyed over his slow driving and not giving side to other vehicles. Later I came to know that he installed speed governor inside the car which would not allow him to cross 20 km per hour. But that is right and good also, he should have gone through lane or by lane and not opted the main road which is full of peak hour traffic. Here the old man is the rule follower and attached speed governor to control his over speed probably others does not know about his annoying driving.
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    As far as I am concerned, I always give top importance to the rules and regulations that are in force in all places. I give more importance to the safety of all the people involved. That is why I never allow my sons or my driver to drive the car at higher speeds. In the same way, I try to follow all the rules everywhere.
    At least educated people should follow the rules without any exemption. But many of us will try to find out the possibilities to avoid certain rules and regulations without getting caught. Another problem in our country, the rule makers will keep some chance somewhere to break the rule and that loophole is known to the rule makers only. That is why we say that in India rule makers are the rule breakers.
    In a company CEO will make a rule but he never follows. The rules should be same to all the people working for the company and CEO is also a company employee. How can he avoid following them?

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