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    By giving most advice we are proving to be too involved.

    When people are longing for tips and advice , not many would come forward though they have the ability and knowledge to give best route map to the cause and its solution but tend to keep quiet. But there are certain people around us who have plenty of advice ready with them and keep on sharing the same as if we have asked it. By giving most advice they are proving to be too involved in our matter and that is dangerous trend. However you must be guarded enough in giving advice before others have already shared their views and tips. Give your view point or any other suggestion.
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    It is not good to involve in others matters unless otherwise asked for. If we know somebody is going on a wrong path we can just warn him and give him a tip that the way he is going is wrong. If he cares OK. Otherwise, we should be silent and move away from him. But the other person is very important to us, we should give a tip to the near and dear of the other person so that they will take care of the issue.
    Sometimes, some people will ask your opinion. In such situations you can tell them the knowledge you have about the issue and if it is a new issue to you and you are not confident you can tell the same to him. But playing with your ideas on their problem is not correct. So whatever you know you can tell him others was withdrawn without offering any suggestion. That is the best way.

    always confident

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