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    Does it mean to like someone is love?

    In fact, the definition of love can never be fully expressed in writing. It's a feeling. It can be fully realized only by feeling. Love is the name of giving up one's own desires and choices for the happiness of others.
    Seeing the beauty of a person, or seeing a good quality in a person, we like them. And this is fleeting. You will be happy to see the one you like. If you want to forget the one you like, then you can do it just by closing your eyes and taking it back. But in the case of love, it will stay in your heart, all your life. Whoever has love is bound to have like in it. And the one who likes it may not have love. Hence to like someone does not mean "love". Do you believe it?
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    Love is the feeling, love is the transfer of emotion from one heart to another and that all happens through feeling vent through different means.Some says through letters , some says through gestures, and some have the guts to express themselves in front of the lover. Love has no language, love has no religion or barrier. If two persons like each other and they sync with their emotions on many counts, they are in the path of love. Love is divine and cannot be deceived as we have to give credence to others emotion and the breaking of the same would give distress to both. Love is the way of life, as those who understood each other would stay strong against all odds come what may against their love. And love is blind, as it cannot tolerate the cheating mentality between the partners. So if you love, do it sincerely.
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    These days Love and Like are used in the same way. Your liking towards a person or a thing may become love towards the same over a period of time. If you say you are loving somebody means that he or she is everything for you. If you say you are liking someone means that you will be happy being with that person. Love is an emotion that is more deep and strong whereas like is feeling towards someone. The feeling of liking may be the initial phase of getting into love. If you are loving a person means that person is an integral part of your life. If it is only liking means you will feel comfortable when you are in the other person's company.
    When we start a friendship with somebody we may not know all the qualities of the other person. As time passes, we may know more about the other person and we may start liking the person and over a period of time, the same may become love.

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    It is difficult to define and explain love but in simple words when one likes the traits and personality of a person then love can happen between the two. Sometimes love could be one sided also. Many times there is no love and it is simply the infatuation of young minds. So we have to differentiate between the different types of liking that we have for a person. It is also said that if one enjoys in the company of a person and yearns to see him and also yearns to be with him then it is the beginning of love. Another interesting thing in this respect is that when love is based on the apparent superficial signatures of a person then it might end soon once the real worth of the person is known. So establishing love would be a patient process and any hurry would be a misleading thing. Every individual has some experience in these matters and one can feel the real love not so frequently. Feeling real love is sometimes is like a mirage which moves to some other horizon once we feel that we have seen it.
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