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    Self-satisfaction is more important than appreciation from others

    We will be asked to perform many tasks day in and day out from our family and from our organisation. It is our duty to perform those acts and derive the expected results. Some tasks can be performed easily without taking many pains. Sometimes the task may be very difficult and we have to take many sufferings to complete the task.
    After completing the work we will make a review of the whole process and once we are satisfied we will submit the same to the boss. The boss may be happy with the outcome and he may appreciate it. But unless otherwise, we are satisfied with the outcome, we may not submit the same to the boss.
    Here our satisfaction is more important. Once we are fully satisfied chances of getting rejected the same by the boss will be less.
    I know a good carpenter. He is a very good worker and he will not compromise on quality anywhere, even though we say the article is ok, he will not accept and he continues working on the same till he is satisfied.
    I feel he is correct and I say that self-satisfaction is always important than others appreciation. Do you agree?
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    What the author said is very much true and I would certainly review my own performance daily and only after the self satisfaction I would retire for the day. Instead of expecting rave reviews, criticism, suggestion and improvisation sought from others, it is better to review our own self as we know our talent and knowledge and how best we can present the things for the better understanding level of others. We are also liable to make mistakes and that can be as silly as forgetting to write the date or forgetting to make attachments to the files. And these are the most important things to be reviewed before submitting anything for the boss or higher ups for review and consideration. If we have done all the review process well, then there is no or less chance of getting the bad review from others and only appreciation.
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    When we perform a task and the result is as expected and in the desired ways then we feel happy about it and that is the satisfaction that we derive from that activity. It is the self satisfaction based on our own assessment. For example, I remember when I was in my class 8 I got an opportunity to learn cycling and when I learnt it I felt so good and contented. It was a great achievement for me. This is also a self satisfaction.
    There are some tasks that we do either for the remuneration or for appreciation and that is the juncture when we feel bad if none are achieved. My boss gives me a challenging task and I complete it in the stipulated time frame. He appreciates my efforts and congratulates me. I feel good and feel high and that is the appreciation which many people aspire for.

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    Sometimes it seems easy to get appreciation because for this we have to present ourselves according to whom we want to praise, but satisfaction is such an element which should be very easy because it is directly related to us, for this we do not depend on anyone else. But still, it becomes difficult to get it. In today's world, people are showing so much and are running away to prove themselves that they do not remember that no race will be won even by winning until they get self-satisfaction. In fact, this feeling of self-satisfaction is the most important aspect of life.

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    Yes, self-satisfaction is also necessary apart from praise from others. People always like to hear their own praise. Praise motivates people more quickly. Due to which people are inspired to work properly and fully. Praise acts as fuel in human life. And through praise, the acceptability of man to others, the acceptability of man's work is revealed. You need praise from others to succeed. But it is important to be self-satisfied with what you have been praised for, only then will real success come. So Author is right here.
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    The author is absolutely right. I am doing anything with this mentality only since many years. I have faced comments and criticisms as well appreciations on my helping others without expecting anything. People used to comment on others without minding anything. If we feel right no compromise.

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