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    The third wave of covid-19 in the form of omicron is again at the doorstep

    Outbreaks of coronavirus have not yet been ruled out. Omicron, a new form of coronavirus, has emerged as a new threat in the new year. In the meantime, infections in Europe, America, and India are on the rise.
    The coronagraph is upward in West Bengal. Different types of corona infections are increasing rapidly. According to the state health department, 4,512 people have been newly infected with a corona in West Bengal in the last 24 hours. Fear is spreading across the country in this upward graph of the corona. For this, the inauguration of two programs of the state government has been postponed. Meanwhile, the Calcutta High Court informed yesterday that all the cases of the Calcutta High Court will be heard virtually from Monday the 3rd of January. What precautions are to be taken to stay fit in the new year 2022?
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    That is very true. Cases are spreading very fast. The spread is very high in some foreign countries but in India, it has not reached its peak. In some states of India, we are seeing rapid spread. But one good thing is Omicron virus is less dangerous and hospitalisation may not be required in many cases. But one should not be careless. All the precautions required are to be taken.
    Mask is the mantra for all these viruses. So use a mask whenever you go outside and maintain the minimum distance of 3 meters minimum between the people. Don't go to places where crowds are there. Keep sanitiser always with you and clean your hands as frequently as possible. Don't go out without any reason and for time pass. Once you follow these protocols, you are safe. At the same time complete the two doses of vaccination. Stay safe and save your life.

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    The world is now really fed up with these continuously changing forms of virus strains with more and new symptoms.
    This is not the world that was imagined by everyone in the past. I hope scientists, doctors and researchers working on the strain find the cure for this soon. Seeing the condition now it does not feel like the mask will get removed any soon and will become a part of normal clothing.
    A normalised world like in the past now seems likely to restart soon.

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    This virus is fast mutating and troubling the human beings in its newer forms. Until we have some reliable drug for it, this is going to create problems till such time when a herd immunity is generated against it and it becomes like an ordinary flu. We can only hope for that to happen. The question is can we avoid it by lock downs or by the things like that. Answer is very simple that we do not know because lock downs and other stern measures would only postpone it for a later time and instead of a peak in January/February we will have it in April/May. The whole world is under the attack of this virus and depending upon the vaccination and other local factors people are suffering with it. Until every individual understands the seriousness of this it is difficult for the Govt to apply tough measures. There is no easy solution for this challenging situation.
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    Dhruba, I feel pity for the people of West Bengal as the center was giving all help and supplies to the state, and having ego problems with the central govt, the state is not cooperating in the initial stages and thus the process of vaccination and containing the virus with all possible ways and means in the state was absent. When Aadhaar is the must for linking with vaccine drive, the state never bothered to issue the cards stating that it was forced on the state. If such tantrums are shown, the people would suffer and Didi would not be bothered at all. So the educated people of Bengal need to fight back and take on the state govt which need to cooperate on health issues with the central govt, no matter they may have ideological difference party wise. And court should also intervene in the matter and advice the state.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The bad experiences of the first and second waves are not forgotten yet, the third wave with a new variant 'omicron' is spreading. The fear of lockdown is biting the inner soul and that past deadly experiences are rewinding in the heart. But, to some extent, we all are also responsible for this. When the second wave is over we started avoiding all precautions and not even wearing masks, organising get-togethers. Also, political parties organise rallies and prepare for elections. When cases start rising all get alert and pray that all this would stop soon, but why do we forget initially that our act of avoiding precautions is adding fuel to fire of covid.

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    We have had the bitter experience of the spread of the corona virus in the first and second wave. The death rate was alarmingly high though this could have been contained to a considerable extent with the precautions. Unfortunately we had not been serious and attended the different gatherings and so was the case with the marriage functions. Distance of three meters apart with someone in normal talks was not followed and even the masks were not used to cover our nose and very often it remained in our pockets.
    Political parties even violated the norms of the corona protocols organising rallies in different places for winning in the elections. Even in the current phase, we have not been serious in adherence to corona protocols thinking that God alone will save us from this critical situations.

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    Yes, sir, politics is going on with such a deadly disease. And the common man is suffering. In West Bengal, on January 4, the daily transition was approaching 10,000, indicating the arrival of the third wave. The immediate action of the administration is urgent and at the same time, the citizens need to be alert.

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    Politicians will always take advantage of any situation whether the people are suffering or people are enjoying. Many politicians always calculate the mathematics of the elections and the votes coming in their favour. Other than that they are least bothered for anything.
    It is obvious that in the present alarming situation the citizens should take their own care rather than depending on the government and other agencies. I am not telling that Government and other agencies will not do anything at the present junction. They will do but they will take their own time and by that time damage would already be done.
    So as a good citizen it is duty of everyone to take care and impress upon others also to keep safe distance and all other measures which are told to us so many times in the past. We should not wait for someone to tell us that take care because the third wave is coming.

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    Yes. we are witnessing very very high growth of new covid cases in India in the last 10 days. It is almost an exponential growth of covid cases. But people are not taking it seriously because of vaccination. They feel that vaccine immunity will help them. We cannot assume anything before knowing the actual severity of the new variant and related after-effects. We should just follow the covid guidelines very sincerely. We should become role models for others to follow the same, especially the child. They are at very high risk because of new variants and they are not immune to the virus. They have not been affected by the virus earlier and have not been vaccinated. Hope schools and colleges again follow online education to avoid the further spread of the virus. Hope fully virus become very weak after this variant and world see new hope.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
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