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    Are the parents of today fulfilling every wants of their children? Is this trend good or bad?

    Nowadays,many of the parents have only one or two off springs which make the parents bringing them up in a very special way. Whatever their children want they hardly say ' no' to them.
    This habit of providing whatever their children want is taking a dangerous turn.
    Some children even try to blackmail their parents and threaten them that they would commit suicide or run away from home if their demands are not met with.
    It is high time that those who are doing such things slowly try to change themselves and learn not to surrender to their children's whims and fancies.

    Parents should sometimes pick up the stick to correct them when they make mistakes. 'Spare the rod and spoil the child'' . How apt is the proverb which is very mundane.!

    Also,parents should keep a strict vigil on their children when they use the internet or go out of the house alone. Some parents give them money and some even give them credit or debit cards which results in lavish splurging of hard earned money which has not much value in the eyes of affluent children. Money can only break the relationship not make it. It is true that today's adult of over loving parents don't respect their parents which make tem regret that they would not of been so much lienient while bringing them up.

    What type of parents are you? How many children are brought up with strict discipline? Let us discuss.
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    I can understand what the author is trying to say. For that matter we the parents are solely responsible to address every dire need of the children and we need not bow to their selective needs which are not in our striking range. Let the children also know and understand that we have to live the life within the frame work of family earnings and make provision for future medical needs and emergencies and therefore expecting parents to spend on extravagant need to be curtailed. And parents should also be strong enough not to succumb to the truants of the children who are highly influenced by the friends who does not know the family position and spending abilities. Therefore restraining the child from the beginning itself is more important, otherwise the wants would be crazy, unwanted and they would bother the parents.
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    It is a fact that people love their children. It is a natural trait given by nature to us. In old times when the financial condition of many people was not good and there were so many children in a family that parents were not able to fulfill the demands of the children even if the children at that time made such a demand.
    Now the times have changed and there has been a great change in this pattern. Today there are few children in any house and in many cases we see either one or two children in a household. So naturally the attention to them is also increased significantly. Those parents who can afford and are having good financial conditions generally fulfill the demands of the children. But there is a catch in it. If we pamper our children then they will pick up some bad traits and will be a big problem in future. We should teach them to honour and respect the entity called money and they should understand its value and should not waste it in unnecessary indulgences.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Undoubtedly, the parents would not like to refuse any demand raised by the children. The children are aware of the facts that there would not any denial of their requests and at any cost, the parents would fulfil the same both legal or otherwise. It is the result of abundance in terms of money. The story of the old days was different when the parents could manage the expenses anyhow for their the entire family. Within the limited resources, they had to manage the school expenses of their children and their related expenses. It does not mean to say that their children were in the noted public schools but the children passed out from the ordinary schools with the excellent marks enough to pursue their higher educations from the different top institutions. The learnt the value of money and respected it.
    The young parents should definitely be cautious that their children should not be extravagant and whenever they have time, they should have some short sessions with the children relating to importance of money in their lives.

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    That is true. When any commodity is not available in the market, the demand for that product will increase and rates will increase. In earlier days each couple used to have more children and they used to bring up their children based on their financial strengths only. But now the situation is changed and no couple is going for more than two children. So parents will bring up their children with a lot of attention on them. They don't want their children to get disappointed.
    As mentioned by the author one should try to teach the children about the difficulties in life also. If they are not listening to our words properly we can even punish them so that they will understand the realities. Parents should have patience and explain to the children what is correct and what is wrong. Then they will understand. But go and yielding to all their demands is not at all advisable.

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