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    Let China construct bridges and helipads, we can strike from any airbase

    There is uneasy calm prevailing at the LAC and China has been spending huge amount on bridges and helipads near border to scare India. But China should note that when last war was held, India had to move the troops to the border and fight and yet we won. Now India is more capable of striking China from scores of air-force bases scattered across the country with the modern arsenals and the dragon country would be battered and Indian opposition need not underestimate our PM Modi and our armed forces for any reason. Let them construct bridges and helipads, we can strike from any airbase.
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    China is a very aggressive country and is always trying to grab the land of others by hook or crook. It is doing same thing in our border also and is constructing a large number of roads and other infrastructure not only to scare us but to make its troops and material move efficiently in time of war.
    Today India is a changed country and we are also strengthening our army and other facilities. We are also doing many activities in our side which China must be of observing and it will not dare to take any advantage right now. China is a very ambitious country having tremendous foresight and what today they are doing is for future.
    Right now we are also very strong and we will give good answer to any offence made by China.

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    The title of this thread seems like a command from an army man but will not deter China in any way from what they are doing. I do not know which war the author is talking about in which we won and there is no point in underestimating any country because of our military capabilities. Striking and counter-strike cannot be a solution to any dispute, there must be specific strategies so that the clashes do not escalate further. China aggressively wants to extend its territory and have control over its neighbours and the neighbours have to jointly tackle the issue. Whoever is in the opposition questions the government and tries to find a fault in every action the government takes and it may be said this is the nature of the opposition. The intention of China is to increase its market share in every place and since India has a huge market they have a focus here too. Somehow we need to jointly counter this through our actions so that India can become a real manufacturing hub of almost everything. This can scare China in a big way.

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    Tensions over this part of the Indo-china border are not new. Tibet's desire to secede from China and India's support for it all is now history. The biggest crisis came in 1959 when India sheltered the Dalai Lama, a Tibetan spiritual leader whom China considered to be the leader of the separatist movement. Meanwhile, China is expanding its relations with Pakistan as part of the Belt and Road Initiative. China is now moving forward with the intention of world governance. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has unveiled a new policy for the country. In the last Congress of the ruling Communist Party of the country, he has garnered the support of all for his path. China is now looking at expansion. In order to fully appear on the stage of world governance, China has no choice but to be the best in its own region. This area is governed by a number of compromised protocols. The difficulty is, whenever a party increases its presence in the region. This time too it happened. But not one side, but both sides did the job. China definitely wants to keep India busy through various activities in the region. Because he doesn't want India to spend too much time on Tibet. But yes, India is now well prepared to face china and is no longer behind in military power. But in today's society, it is not a matter of pride for a nation but it is important to resolve it quickly through discussion
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    China developing its infra inside their border for obvious reasons and we are ready from our bases.
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    China is financially very strong when compared to India. Even then India is never keeping itself behind in its preparedness to face any threat from any other neighbouring countries. India is now one of the countries which are having a strong defence force. They have much-advanced weaponry with them and they can successfully make use of them anytime in case of necessity. The defence R&D organisation is working very hard to develop modern weapons for the defence organisations. So let China develop whatever they want, we are also ready to face any situation successfully. There is no point in underestimating the abilities or power of our country. Diplomatically also India has a good stand and many developed countries are with India and definitely, we will receive support from those countries if really there is a need. The present government is not ready to surrender our land to any other country and definitely, there will be a plan of action with the government to face any type of situation.
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