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    How many points should I get to reach Gold level and when will I get cash credit?

    Dear Editors,
    I am now a Silver member and have been posting regularly. However, I have been getting only points not cash credits till date.
    I am unable to find out how many more points are required to reach the level of Gold and when shall I get cash credits.
    As you are aware that I have been unable to recover my old account which is Gold and wherein I had won much recognition from ISC.I had followed all of your suggestions to get back my account but in vain.

    It is always better to get back my old account than in posting in the new account without getting any kind of recognition. The site does not allow me to post in English section nor I can contact any members.
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    It may be noted that the bronze position changes to silver after obtaining 101 points in total, and from silver to gold you have to score 1001 points and thereafter Diamond level to score 10001 and then platinum you have have to score total points 50,000 plus. All these requires continued contributing in various section and writing some good articles which can fetch you good points and cash credits. Regarding cash credits, if the post raised was good with suitable heading and best content the cash credit would be immediately done and if the answers appended to various replies are good, then cash credits are given. So what implies here that the more you have the inclusive participation, the more you earn. And in Ask Experts section for every good answer, the detailed responses are given with good cash credits.
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    Regarding membership levels, you can open the following link. You have to get 1000 points to become a gold member. There is no relation between membership levels and cash credits.
    Membership Levels
    To know about cash credits you can open the following link.
    What are Cash Credits?
    Regarding your old account recovery, I think the site administration only can help you. You can continue with your new account till the old account is not recovered.

    always confident

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    Many members have confusions regarding earning the points versus earning the cash credit. Some feel that more points mean more cash credit. It is not exactly like that and let us understand that in clear terms.
    First thing is that when you contribute in ISC you are getting points for most of the things except some contests where only cash credits are given to the winners and also some little cash credit even to the contributors who did not win.
    In article section one can earn points as well as cash credits in the range approximately 15 to 100 for each article and may be more depending on the quality of the resource.
    In Ask Experts section the earning would be generally in the range 1 to 10 (points as well as cash credits).
    In information update area (schools, colleges, course, question paper etc) the earnings would be in the range 2 to 30 (points as well as cash credits).
    In institute section cash credits are given generally in the range 6 to 10. For each course entered cash credit of 1 would be given.
    In job section one can expect 5 to 12 as a very rough estimate.
    In resource response category one can get points and cash credit in the range 1 to 10 approximately.
    In forum section if good posts are contributed in the particular week then the outstanding member may get Star of the Week award fetching 250 cash credits.
    A few forum posts can also earn a small cash credit now and then in the range of 2 to 10 approximately.
    If a member performs exceptionally well in a particular month then he might also get the Star of the Month award fetching him 500 cash credits.
    Now coming to the revenue share bonus. If the activity of the member is such that he is able to secure good number of points in a month then the top 20 members would be given this bonus which ranges from about 100 to 5000 approximately though the majority of members are getting it in the range 100 to 2000 only.
    To give some idea about this in a rough way a member who is able to accumulate 900 points in a month through all his activity in different sections can hope to get a bonus of about 300 to 400 approximately. This is just a rough idea to make people aware of the things and would vary from month to month.
    The last thing is the contests where the awards are mentioned and mostly it will be cash credits.
    From the above concise and rough information one can get the answer to the query like one put up in this post by the author.

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    Thank you very much all of you for a clear and detailed response.Now I have clearly understood about the points and cash credits and how to reach the level of Gold .
    It is very helpful and informative

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    It is not understood that when you are already a seasoned member, albeit with the earlier name that you mentioned, why you should be inquiring about even the basics! Surely you will be well aware of all this by now, especially since you mentioned reaching the Gold level of membership earlier. You would also not need to inquire about contributing to the section on English if you had, as advised so many times, gone through the red-pinned threads at the top of the forum, which includes one on posting limits. Only after reading all the relevant material carefully, and you are unable to understand something, then it would be good to seek guidance.

    Sorry if I am being blunt, but you have also been repeatedly told to go through the Help Topics and understand the various sections clearly to update your knowledge about new features and policies since you returned after a long gap.

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