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    When we visit a doctor for our treatment

    The word 'doctor' is a very respectable word and we all know how much responsibility a doctor has got while treating his patients. Many times when we get ill we have to consult a doctor for diagnosis and treatment of the underlying ailment. We go to a doctor with much hope that he will give us a magic pill and everything will be alright. Unfortunately it doesn't happen so.
    If the doctor observes that the ailment is of very general and ordinary nature then he may prescribe some medicines for a few days and ask the patient to come back for review. On the other hand if doctor is not able to make a diagnosis just based on the apparent symptoms, which is often the case, he will advise the patient to go for some tests after seeing the result of which he would be able to give a correct medicine.
    There are many common symptoms which indicate towards so many ailments and different diseases and the doctor's job becomes much difficult and he has no other go except advising for some tests.
    What is your experience in this matter? Have you ever visited a doctor for consulting?
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    For us the family doctor is the first one to consult for any ailment which is beyond our control to contain it. Normally we have everything at the home to tackle the normal ailments, but these days the uncertainty of having rare disease are more and thus consulting our family doctor who also never get over exaggerated with our new find disease and give the tablets available with him. What he says that the most the diseases are seasonal and viral effect to which we need not worry and strict following the course of tablet would suffice. For the nagging cough he gave the Ammoxilin clav, which not only contains the bacterial inside the body but also makes the throat soothing within days. Otherwise one has to fight with at least seven days for the cough and cold being experienced these days across the country.
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    A good and experienced can understand the problem of the patient when he hears them carefully and test his pulse. We used to have a family doctor who did his MD in general medicine. He never suggested us go for any clinical diagnosis. He used to ask some questions and used to hear what we are telling very carefully. He used to understand the problem and used to prescribe medicines. He got a very good name. He solved many critical cases. He used to understand the root cause for the problem and used to give the correct medicine. Now he is no more.
    As a matter of fact, these days doctor's are more dependent on diagnostic centres. Many doctors these days will never go to the route cause. They suggested medicines separately for each problem. Using so many medicines may have many side effects. That is why we feel for small issues we should try our own home remedies so that there will not be any side effects.

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    The seasonal fevers, minor upset of the stomach, cough and cold are the minor problems with which we all suffer time to time. We have seen that the these discomforts go way in time needing no medical consultation of the physicians. If needed, we use ginger tea for cough and cold and abstaining foods during stomach upset work better. Even fasting coupled with lemon water could give us excellent results.
    Twenty years back there was not the culture of visiting multi speciality hospitals in order to have a consultation with some specialist. We rushed to our physicians who would hear the our health problems patiently before prescribing one or two medicines available at cheap rates. There was no question of blood reports for the detection of the disease or any other test like X-ray or ultrasound. Now the old system has changed with the allopathic system having specialists for each disease and one has to pay huge money in case of health disorders.

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