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    Is 'Rote learning' good for students? How does it help them in studies?

    For school and college students learning various subjects and recollecting them in classes and writing what they have studied has been a long process since they complete their education.
    Some students use the memorization technique to learn without trying to understand the subject.
    Getting good grade and passing the examinations only matters to them.
    On the flip side, there are some students who are scholars read their material understanding fully about it so that they remember them throughout their life. Gaining knowledge is a continuous process for them.

    Some languages and certain subjects can not to be memorized because they need to be approached in a different manner.
    What do you feel about rote learning ? What are the other ways of remembering things?
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    What my daughter is to do that a particular word connecting to the entire topic is remembered well and even memorized so that the entire topic would come to the mind while writing in the exam. Not only that she would illustrate the same with diagram and that would add the pep to the content written. The examiner would be pleased to read and see the illustrative approach to the lesson and thus if not full marks at least one less than that is well assured. Memorizing the entire lesson is very dangerous and one may fumble if something forgotten in between and the entire lesson is lost. That is why what my daughter has been doing since her schooling and now she is into MBBS final, the same way she is casting a spell in the class, college and the state university conducting the exam. So the this is one of best learning.
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    Memorization without understanding the object makes thinking useless. The joy of studying also destroys. If you memorize something without understanding it, it cannot be kept in memory for long. But this does not mean that nothing can be memorized consciously. Fragments of information such as year, date, name of the book, name of the person, any source of science, etc. must be understood and memorized.
    Sitting down to read with interest just as you sit with interest and winning while watching a game or a movie, you also have to create interest from within while reading. Reading aloud stimulates a much larger area of ??our brain. The parts of the brain involved in writing help to convert information into permanent memory. In addition, when people want to write something, they pay more attention to the subject which helps in creating a permanent memory.
    Dividing the chapters into several sections before reading a topic is helpful. It can be compared to a tree. Considering the tree as a chapter, writing a summary of the parts on each page makes it easier to remember to read. This method is called a concept tree. It is very effective in remembering reading. This method of remembering reading has been very popular since ancient times. What we have read or learned by ourselves is better inculcated in the brain by teaching it to others. Moreover, as a result of teaching others, one's skills are revealed and it is also understood whether the reading has been mastered well.

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    When we study something, we should understand what we are studying. Then only we will remember the subject properly. Without understanding the meaning, simply memorising the lesson by reading more time is not a good trait. When we understand want we are studying, we can write in the examinations on our own based on what we studied. Chances of forgetting the subject with we memorised without understanding are more.
    If the subject is complex and we are not able to understand, we should start from the basics and then go step by step so that we will understand the topic well.

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