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    Why some people think they are insignificant in the crowd ?

    In a grand event or function, the crowd behavior considered as the best to gauge how best each one of them have enjoyed the moment and they express their ecstasy through hooting, whistling, throwing caps and even huge cheers. But there are some people who simply watch such happenings and never mingle with that mad crowd. By doing so those who are close friends of them also have the subdued participation and thus in no time the show comes to no action and nil. Why some people think they are insignificant in the crowd ?
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    I don't think that they think they are insignificant. That may be the nature of those persons. We all know that all of us will have different habits, mentalities and thinking processes. Some people may enjoy it silently. They never express their happiness openly. Some people make more noise. It all depends on the individual.
    Some people try to express their happiness or joy only when there is a chance. They don't want to be one among the crowd. Such people when they got a chance they will express their feelings openly. Other times they will be silent only.
    My father is a very good orator. He used to be very attentive during the event or the function. But he used to be very silent. But once he was asked to spell out his opinion he used to make very good observations and people used to appreciate his oratory skills.

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    Outshining others while in a crowd is a kind of exceptional behavior of some extroverts. To draw attention of others they do some things out of the box such as suddenly dancing when every body is seated or whistling and so on.They are usually entertainers and have good stamina.
    That does not leave out the introverts choose to remain a silent spectator in a crowd rather than pulling their socks up and behave like a go getter. The crowd makes them do something because although they have talent , they do not do anything because they are shy in nature. some friends in the assembly know their nature well and initiate the first step. Once the silence is broken, they start enjoying the company of people .

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