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    Do the success of a film based on the age or the ability to act even at older age?

    There are some actors in the Hindi cinema who produces their own film with strong story line and they act as the lead hero and the success of the film is damn sure no matter what is his real age. For example Akshay Kumar never waits for any producer or director to have a film on him as the hero, instead he plans more from his side and has won the accolades. He had three films in 2021 and four are planned in 2022 and that raises the question as to how the audience are sustained this aged actor ? Do the success of a film based on the age or the ability to act even at older age?
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    The ability of the actor definitely has a big say on the success of the movie. There are many movies in which the lead role was played by an aged actor but the viewers enjoyed his acting instead of his age.
    In Telugu, there was a film called Badipantulu ( School Teacher). In that NTR played the lead role. Those days NTR was a young hero. But he acted in that movie as a retired teacher. People are very happy with his action and the movie was a big hit. When NTR was 30 years old, he acted as Bhishma Pithamaha and the movie was a hit and people appreciated his style of acting. Similarly, when he was 70 he acted in a movie called Sardar Paparayudu. In that, he acted as a young man and exhibited his excellent acting skills which were liked by his fans and viewers and the movie was a big hit.
    So for a movie to be successful, there are many requirements and in that the acting skills of the actors who are acting in the movie will play an important role.

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    I still recall up the talent of late Sanjay Kumar a veteran actor capable of taking lead roles of any character. His acting was marvellous despite taking the roles of a child or an old man. His one of notable film was Naya Din Nayee Rat where he successfully managed the roles of nine characters and each part was played brilliantly giving an impression to the audience that talent is something which can be applicable at stage of life and is independent of ages. Unfortunately so popular actor died so early that he has created a vacuum in the film industry.
    NTR was also in the similar line in terms of acting and in south he enjoyed a great acceptance of his versatility.

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