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    Why do people not want to listen to the words of the political advisors today?

    In our country and society, there is no shortage of leaders, officials, or elders to give advice. Just advice and advice all around. Regardless of the extent of the knowledge and qualities of the counselors, their social status, power, wealth, etc. are far more than the counselors, so the common people are compelled to listen to the so-called 'valuable' words of the counselors. Many times our politicians criticize others as undemocratic and also advise their opponents to be democratic. However, there is considerable doubt as to whether the advisor himself is a democrat or a believer in democracy in life. Our leaders advise the people of the country to be patriotic. But most of the leaders do not work on the problems of the country and the people of the country but do politics for their own interests. Big leaders always advise citizens to say 'no' to corruption. He advised the citizens to build a corruption-free country. But most of the powerful advisers are big corruptors and owners of huge illegal assets. So their advice is ignored today, what do you say?
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    It is very easy to give suggestions and advice to others. But it is better always to say what we do or do what we say. But these days many political leaders, to be more precise, many people, tell morals and ethics to others. But they will conveniently avoid practising them. That is why many people lost hope in their leaders. They never follow the advice of the leaders and but go in the footsteps of their leaders only.
    In earlier days, leaders used to be very pious and they always worked for society. But the present-day leaders are entirely different. They give peanuts to the people for getting their votes before elections and gather gold after winning the elections and forget completely about the welfare of the society. That is the reason people ignore the suggestions of these leaders

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    Political advisors advise the politicians and at times some of them may be seen on some programs discussing various important issues. Politicians and political advisors are not the same though both of them remain involved in politics. I hope the author wanted to know why people do not take advice from the politicians and the answer is already there inside the thread. Politicians say one thing and do the other and we all are aware of this specific trait. Every politician will say no to corruption but indulges in corruption. Naturally, we will not listen to someone who says one thing and does just the opposite.

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    Yes, the author is absolutely right, At present, there are very few leaders who really think about the interest of the country, we find most of the people in such a mean form who come into politics only in the greed of power or power and keep fulfilling their objectives under the guise of politics. . Even when such people will try to give the right message in the society, then why would anyone listen to those who have not left their own footprints in the right direction. Polity is one of the important pillars of a country and in this case, this pillar is trembling.

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    Gone are the days when our country was leading in front with best leaders of the core and their one word is enough to ignite the response and that would be totality without asking for any reasoning. Even in those days when Indira Gandhi called for huge donation to help out families fighting with natural calamities in the NE region, the ladies used to donate their gold with loads of them and that was the power of word and leaders then. Now the people realized that those who preach would not follow the same and the modern day leaders have lost their sheen and also does not command the sort of following of those days. The cult personality is missing in many leaders and just because they need to react on issue, they do so now and then without doing any home work on the issues and thus draw the wrath.
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    People are tired of hearing fake and untrue things from the mouth of some of these counselors and it is obvious that they are simply ignoring them. But this ignoring is done by only those who are understanding the things hidden beneath and not all the sections of the gullible public. These politicians are mainly interested in that section of the society to mislead them and get their valuable votes. It is not that everyone is corrupt at that level. There are some honest and good people also. Today if the country is progressing and developing it is only because of those good people working silently behind its progress. We have to give cognisance to such people.
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