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    Anyone using the ball pen refill?

    Long back, we were using the ink pens where we used to fill ink in them and used them for writing. Then the ball pens were introduced in a big way and everyone started to use them as they were so convenient to use. The price of the ball pen was a few rupees and I still remember that when it stopped writing we bought a refill for 25 or 50 paise and replaced the used one.
    Today market is flooded with cheap use and throw ball pens which are available for only 2 or 3 rupees and people use them and many have simply forgotten about that old faithful refill.
    Anyone still using those refills or using the jotter refill in the costly pens?
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    Usage of the pen itself is on reduction. In the olden days, we used to see a pen in the pocket of every man and in the bag of every woman. But these days there are no pockets to the shirts and no pens also. Ladies are carrying bags but no pen in them. Wherever we go and we have to write a little or sign anywhere we will take the pen from them and give it back to them after completing the purpose.
    I have a fountain pen, a refill pen. use and throw pen. I keep them in my bag and but do not use them regularly. I keep them as showpieces only. All writing work is on the laptop only and so typing only. The same is the case with the majority of people. Slowly writing may further come down.
    Ink pens are obsolete these days and all are switched over to use and throw pens only.

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    I remember the era when the ink pen were on the use and all of us used to carry the same in our pockets but as the time progressed, it was replaced by the ball pens. Those were the days when our teachers opposed this system of writing strongly with the belief that it would spoil our handwriting. But later this mode of writing had been the part of our lives. This continued a few years back but later the same was switched over to throw ball pen used for the service for once. Now we use such type of pen very rarely since writing on the paper has slowly come down after our retirement.

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    A nice thread is given by the author, this thread is really reminiscent of my childhood, I used to keep two pens along with packets of refills in my compass box during school time, which Papa used to buy me along with books. I have used ball pens since the beginning as ink pens did not help me in making beautiful letters. But nowadays people directly buy a set of pens, in which 5 to 10 pens are taken together, so the trend of keeping refills separately has reduced and now the situation is that very few stationeries get refills.

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    A couple of months ago I used one refill for a ball pen. Though nowadays the pen is not used regularly I have a couple of ball pens with me as well as use and throw pens. If the refills for the ball pens that I have are available in the local shops I purchase a couple of them, otherwise, I go for the use and throw ones.

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    As the technology developed, we have been shifted from using ink pen to ball point pen, and now use and throw pen which does not have the refill to replace and thus the pens have become cheap and one can use the same and throw for new one. There are some good pens which are called marathon pen which is used by those students who have much writing aspects in their class and home. Those pens are called writo meter and they give the free flow of ink without any obstruction and we can see the quantity of ink available from outside while writing. These days even the primary classes may start to use the pens because by using the pencil they have the tendency to erase and that has become habit with some students as they keep on erasing and write new one. When pens are used, the erasing would be given away.
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    Some time back used to change refills for ball pens, but lately have shifted to use and throw pens. When purchased in bulk these pens are a lot cheaper, so it hardly makes sense to purchase refills. Moreover, one can purchase these pens online sitting in the comfort of our home. Why bother going to the market searching for refills. The shops too these days have reduced the stock of refills in line with changing customer preferences. Though I still have a good collection of jotter refill pens, I don't use them anymore nor go for refills when the ink is over. But one negative thing about these use and throw pens is they are a hazard to the environment. As such I don't throw the pens once the ink is over. Have some few dozens of them and searching for ideas to turn them into something useful, say for home decor.
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    Nowadays many ball pen are coming in 'use and throw' type. In that also scented inks are available. Many children prefers that only and therefore the requirement of refill is becoming rare. Earlier I got a ball pen as gift. But it was having a screw type refill. It made me to search for that type of refill. Later I am using jetter pen, I am getting refills.

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